April 26, 2013

Ruffles & Chevron

Since it was winter when I started walking with my friend Rebecca, we walked at the mall. This can be very dangerous if you're not careful. Ideally, we'd get there early and finish before the stores actually open but with three kids in tow between the two of us, it's practically impossible (more so for me than her, I suspect).

So when you are exposed to all the cute clothes on a daily basis you see things you want…A LOT of things. Since both of us have lost some weight (I've lost roughly 12lbs) and I can't seem to keep any of my pants up, we decided to do a little shopping for our Mom's Night Out this week. On our walks before Thursday night, we picked the stores we wanted to shop and even did quick walk throughs and made a mental note of things we wanted to try on.

We tried on many things and walked away with very few things. You see, my problem is that most clothes seem to be made for stick figure girls and I definitely do not have a stick figure. I've got hips….and a little junk in the trunk. From the waist up I'm a little more stick figure*ish. Do you see the problem here?

There is this dress at Forever 21 that I had been eyeing for quite a while. Last night I tried it on despite my fears that those ruffles would make me look way wider than I already am.

I tried on a large because sadly, I'm not really in junior sizes anymore. I was pleasantly surprised when I put the dress on and my hips did not stand out! I really loved this dress. However, the top part was way too big and in my opinion would be too much to alter. I thought about trying on a medium but the waist on the large fit perfectly so I was afraid it would be too tight on a medium. I may end up going back and trying on the medium. I'm thinking if I could lose another half inch, I could wear it.

The one thing I did walk away with was something I never thought I'd like much less be able to pull off. We walked into Charlotte Russe and I spotted a Sheer Black and Cream Chevron blouse. I've seen many mommas on Twitter and Instagram wearing these and thought they looked good…..on them. I decided to try it on and guess what! I loved it!

Black & Cream Chevron Top

Now that I know I can wear these type of blouses I may be adding a couple more to my wardrobe.

I still didn't find any pants/jeans but I also didn't really try any on for some reason. That'll happen on my next shopping trip.

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  1. That blouse is SO cute! Looks awesome on you!


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