April 15, 2013

Hello Monday!

I hate that I'm even having to say this but we survived yet another round of sickness in our house. It was just Tillie this time and we are hoping it stops there.

It started Thursday night. She laid on me while I was sitting on the couch for about 2 hours. I thought she felt a little feverish but didn't really notice it until after her bath when she was shivering uncontrollably. We dosed her up with some Tylenol and then put both girls in bed. Then at 10pm, Tensley woke up. She finally passed out in the chair in the living room around 1:30am. I set up camp on the couch, already exhausted but couldn't sleep because I kept hearing Tillie making sounds. I'd check on her with the camera monitor but she was still asleep. Finally, around 4am she started whimpering and crying so I went to actually physically check on her and when I touched her, she was burning up. I got her out of bed and we gave her some more Tylenol and I put her on the couch where she fell back to sleep. My couch bed turned into couch cushions on the floor bed. Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink.

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I called my mom Friday morning practically in tears because I was so tired. At that point, I had gone a little over 24 hours with no sleep. She came over to help and I went to try to get a little nap. Twice I laid down and was only able to fall asleep for about 20 minutes each time. I would wake up when I would hear one of the girls. Finally, I was able to put Tensley down for a nap and Tillie had fallen asleep on my mom so I tried to nap one more time. I slept a whole 45 minutes. It wasn't until 11pm on Friday night that I was able to attempt sleep again. I definitely got some sleep…enough to get me through the next day.

Saturday was pretty much the same. Poor Tillie was just miserable. When her fever spiked she would just cry and say, "Owww!" over and over. We had trouble getting her fever down and we couldn't get her to eat anything or drink very much. There were a couple times that I cried too. I couldn't stand to see her in pain like that. I had James stop and get some Children's Advil because we were out. It did a much better job at getting her fever down.

Saturday night we decided that we would take her to the pediatric urgent care so we got up early Sunday morning, took Tensley to my mom & dad's and headed to urgent care. After hearing her symptoms, they decided to test her for strep. The office test came back negative so they sent it off. We are still waiting on those results.

When we went to get Tensley, Tillie was acting like she was feeling better and she DID NOT want to leave MiMi & Papa's but we had to get her home in time for her next dose of medicine. The rest of the day went pretty well and she slept pretty good.

Today, Tillie is doing much better and is sassy as ever. We're still working on getting her back to eating normal again. She seems to be afraid to eat certain things, however, chips is not one of them. I think that would be the last thing I would want after having a sore throat!

Thankfully, I was pretty much on top of household chores before all this happened so we didn't have to worry about that this weekend and we worked on laundry. However, I haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of weeks so that is on my agenda for tonight.

My poor computer was neglected this weekend. No time for blogging or work stuff. Even though there weren't many chores to be done I am somehow just now sitting down to try to catch up on emails, blogging, etc. I'm also going to be working on my meal plan (I'll have that posted shortly…I've been terrible at meal planning this past month), coupons and bills. Hopefully we are getting back to normal and won't have any more sickness!

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