April 29, 2013

A Clogged & Leaky Faucet

That would be me. My nose has been stopped up and yet dripping. My teeth hurt from the pressure in my sinuses and I've been sleeping sitting up. Oh, and I've been popping Sudafed like it's candy.

Why oh why can't we all be healthy?!

Mother nature is finally coming to her senses and we can't enjoy it because all 4 of us have a stinking head cold!

TnT started it. They both got runny noses last week…Wednesday or Thursday, I think. Saturday night I started getting that scratchy feeling in my throat and I knew I was next.

This is all my fault, really. I was saying last week how I was tired of the stomach bug and why couldn't they just get colds like normal kids. I wasn't asking for them to get a cold!

So if you need me, I'll be the mom laying around high on Sudafed with Kleenex stuffed up her nostrils letting her kids do anything they want.

Oh, and doing these yoga poses for a head cold.

Clogged & Leaky Faucet

Just kidding. Maybe. Hahaha!

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