March 13, 2013

Taxes & Poop

These two things go together, right? So, I naturally decided to talk about them in one post.

Let’s start with taxes. Who thinks gathering up all the paperwork to get your taxes done is the worst thing ever? Raise your hand. (Raising all my hands…all two of them).

Ok so yesterday I was working on gathering said paperwork while the girls played. I had to go back and forth from the office to the living room to constantly check on them so it took a while. I already had most of our papers together in one place but the one thing that took most of the day was trying to get all our medical expenses so we could get to the point where we could itemize them. Hello refund! (fingers crossed)

Anyway, in all the checking on the girls that I did I never noticed anything out of the ordinary…at least not until the taxes were done. I went into the living room to check on the girls and get them a snack when I noticed something on the side of Tensley’s face.

Any guesses as to what I found?



And all over her hands, legs and feet and please dear Lord I hope she didn’t eat any of it! Eww, Eww, EWWWWW!!!

Apparently, she had a poop explosion and it got everywhere (it didn’t help that she was sans pants). As in all over the living room. On the couch…on some of the cushions…on blankets…and on BOTH of their pink chairs.

My first reaction was GAG. Then I immediately snatched her up (holding her in places where there was no poop) and took her straight to the bathtub while praying and yelling at Tillie to stay out of the poop. Tenlsey got a bath right then and there and I washed her down twice!

Once I got her bathed and diapered I started in on the living room clean up. Did I mention everything that got pooped on was micro fiber? After going to Google to figure out how to clean poop off micro fiber and learning that I needed to use baby wipes for the clean up, I decided I needed to relocate the girls to another part of the house.

I quickly and temporarily toddler proofed their bedroom and threw some toys in there to keep them busy (I really need to do this permanently). I also had to shut the doors to all the other rooms (these girls of mine are super, super curious….and destructive). Once I got them relocated, I got to work with the baby wipes. They pretty much got the job done but definitely DID NOT get rid of the smell. Thankfully, James came home and saved the day by pulling out the steam cleaner and taking care of the awful smell.

We’ve been having these poop explosions (albeit not as bad as this one) for the last couple of weeks. Apparently Tens has a sensitivity to fruit because this all started happening when I decided they needed to be eating more fruits & veggies (and by more I mean more than none because I’ve had trouble getting them to eat much of either). Really all they’ve been eating are the fruit & veggie pouches (one every day or every other day) and strawberries & blueberries. I don’t feel like I’ve given them too much…they’ve only had about 2 small servings per day.

Has anyone else had this issue? I need to figure out the problem because I’m tired of giving multiple baths and going through several outfits in a day. I’m definitely going to cut down on the amount and see if that works. Also, none of the things she is having is new to her.

So you see? Taxes and poop DO go together! :)

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  1. Oh, that's gross!!!
    My 6 year old started having diarrhea issues when she was that age. It turned out that she had an egg allergy we didn't even know about. It took 8 months and lots of testing to figure it out!


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