March 26, 2013

Surviving Toddlers with a Virus

I know you’re probably tired of me posting about our week of hell with a nasty virus but this is the last post, I promise! :)

Side note:  I’m still not convinced it was a virus but whatever…we’re over it and moving on. Thank goodness!

I already posted this pic last week but it goes with this post too so I’m reposting it.

WARNING: Before reading further, I just want to warn you that I use words for bodily functions often in the rest of this post.

Virus Survival Kit

I know some of this may be common sense for most of you but this was the first time we had dealt with anything this bad so we learned as we went.

Ok, here we go, 5 things I learned while dealing with sick toddlers.

Stock up on Diapers and wipes

If you’re toddler is newly potty trained, I strongly suggest switching to diapers temporarily while you are dealing with a virus…if this is a symptom you are dealing with of course. We went through many, many diapers last week (I’m guessing somewhere around 60-80 between the 2 girls) so we stocked up on those and wipes. I had a basket in their room and a basket of diapers in the living room. It made it much easier to quickly grab when needed.

Have a Bowl(s) and Wash Cloths Ready

Thankfully, I had 2 small plastic bowls that we used to catch vomit. I think I either got them at the Dollar Tree or in the dollar section at Target. We learned to use these pretty quickly after trying to run a vomiting child to the bathroom and getting it all over us. I’m still smelling vomit after washing our clothes and bleaching the bathrooms. Wash cloths are also recommended for wiping your poor baby’s face after.

Be prepared to do lots of laundry

As mentioned above, we ended up doing lots of laundry. Just when we thought we had the girls bathed, newly clothed and settled, they would throw up again. My suggestion is to get the soiled clothes in the washer immediately (even if it’s 2am) or you will be smelling it for days!

Learn about the BRAT diet

The first thing our pediatrician told me when I called was to put the girls on the BRAT diet (especially Tens since she had diarrhea much more than Tillie did). BRAT, if you don’t already know, stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. Basically, you need to feed your toddler low fat, starchy foods. The girls did good eating everything but the rice. They love rice but when I made them white rice with a teeny tiny bit of butter & sugar they wouldn’t even look at it. After a while they got tired of toast so they pretty much lived on animal crackers and applesauce. Speaking of applesauce, the pouches worked great for us. I specifically liked the Go Go Squeez pouches in the AppleApple & Apple Banana flavors (click on pics to get more info).



Sleep When They Sleep

This advice did me no good when the girls were infants. When they slept was the only time I could get anything done. However, when your toddlers are sick and keeping you up All. Night. Long, I strongly suggest leaving the chores for another time and sleep when they sleep because chances are you won’t be sleeping the next night either.

I am so thankful to be done with sickness and hope that I don’t have to deal with it for a long, loooong time.

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  1. So glad the girls are feeling better!! Sick babies is the worst!


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