March 21, 2013


The virus saga continues.

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Tensley woke up a little before 4am throwing up. She hadn’t thrown up in a couple days. Yesterday she had a puke and poop free day. I thought we were in the clear. I called the nurse line of our pediatrician’s office and they called back and told me to start her on some probiotics to see if it helps the diarrhea. I’m really hoping it does because poor girl has a very sore bottom.

At 4:30am the next victim was struck with the virus. It was Tillie. Ugh. She hasn’t thrown up since 5:30 and no poopsplosions but I’m not holding my breath. It came on pretty slowly for Tensley. She’ll be getting the probiotics as well.

Both girls have spoiled me. In the past when they’ve been sick it’s just been over night and are good the next day. Oh, and also, they would get sick one at a time. Come to think of it, I think this is the first time Tensley has been sick like this…usually she just gets a runny nose. They also have slept like champs since about 9 months so I’m used to getting good sleep. This virus is about to do me in.

We had a fun morning. NOT. Rock star hubby and I were each holding a puke bowl for the girls until around 5:30. These girls of ours are tough. Even after they threw up they would smile.

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I tried to take a nap while they were napping but in order to fall asleep I had to bury my head under the covers due to the overwhelming smell of puke. And that didn’t work because I get a little claustrophobic and I get too hot under the covers like that.

So now I’m up…sleep deprived and trying to find what is holding on to the puke so I can rid it of the horrific smell.

Oh and have I mentioned that I’ve lost like 3lbs in the last week? I wonder why….

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