February 13, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

What. A. Day.

Actually, today wasn’t that bad. Just this afternoon and evening. You know how one thing can just get you in a tizzy? Yeah, that.

The girls had their first haircut today. My hairdresser does it for free and even puts their hair in a little baggy with their name and the date of the haircut. How cool is that?! I was prepared for it to be a huge ordeal. Neither one would sit in the chair alone but sat in my lap just fine so it didn’t turn out to be a huge ordeal after all. The downside? I didn’t really get the pictures I had hoped for. We didn’t really cut much off. Just shaped their bangs so that they’re not hanging over their eyes all the time and cut the fuzzies off the ends of the rest of their hair.

I think I’m finally feeling good about organizing, cleaning, schedules, etc. I’m learning to let go of the thought of being able to get it all done in one day. I still struggle at times but I’m getting close to getting the house in a state to where I can do quick clean ups throughout the week.

So these girls of mine are seriously becoming quite the challenge. Why do toddlers have to be so dang hard to deal with?! Remember the tizzy I mentioned earlier? Tonight, both girls decided that they didn’t want their dinner so it ended up in the floor. This is not an abnormal thing it this house. However, tonight one bowl ended up in the floor minutes after I set it down. The other bowl was taken right out of my hands and thrown in the floor. There was rice everywhere. I felt my blood pressure rising so I got both girls down, proceeded to eat my dinner and take a mommy time out. Ugh.

photo 3 (10)

Since we’re on the subject of toddlers, let me tell you another story. Last night I did bath time and James did diapers and jammies. After cleaning up, I came out of the bathroom to find both girls’ chairs upside down and the girls sitting on them. When I asked James, who was sitting in the living room with them, who turned the chairs upside down, he replied with, “they did”. A little while later, I heard James say, “I guess I’m going to have to get up now”. When I turned to see what he was talking about I saw Tensley on top of the TV cabinet playing with the DVD’s. Tillie was standing next to the chair that I assume was used as a step onto the cabinet.

photo 1 (10) photo 2 (9)

I’m telling you, these toddlers of mine are ganging up on us! And don’t think two against two is an even fight because it is SO not!

I’m starting a new venture that I can’t wait to share. I’m pretty excited about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to share soon.

Walking is still going good. We’ve been consistently walking around 2 miles three days a week. I’m ready for the weather to warm up so we can maybe walk at the park for a change of scenery.

I bought my Transfer Day socks today! I can’t believe that day is almost here! My RE & her nurses request that you wear fun/crazy socks on Transfer Day. I love how they try to make something that is very emotional and stressful be fun.  These are a lot more fun than my first cycle Transfer Day socks. What do you think?

photo 4 (3)

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  1. Crazy toddlers!! My girls are just getting into toddler world and I am already pulling my hair out! And yes, they so do team up on you!! Love the socks and can't wait to hear how everything goes!!

  2. Toddlers are crazy! Mine are crazy, too and YES they gang up on you with their secret toddler language. CUTE socks!

  3. Toddlers keep you going! Mine climbs on EVERYTHING!


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