February 18, 2013

Transfer Day!

Before I get to the update, I just want to take a minute to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and prayers for us today. I literally started crying when the IG notifications of prayers and well wishes started popping up on my phone after I posted that it was transfer day.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5

The first part of today was business as usual. I got up and the girls and I went on our normal walking date with my good friend Rebecca. After that I grabbed a few groceries to finish up my grocery shopping for the next two weeks.

I joked with Rebecca last week that for today’s post, the title would be “Walking, Grocery Shopping & Getting Knocked up” (hopefully) Just a normal day…LOL.

My appointment was at 3:30 this afternoon but I had to be there at 3:15. Once I got home from running my errands, it slowly started to hit me. I got pretty emotional. I felt like I was going to lose it at any moment. I never thought it would hit me so hard. I don’t think it even hit me this hard the first time.

I started thinking about the “what ifs”…what if neither one are viable and the transfer won’t happen…will I be ok if one takes and one doesn’t….will I be ok if neither one take. It was just overwhelming.

We dropped the girls off at my mom’s and headed to the clinic. My sister is a nurse and works in the same building as my RE’s office so she came up at sat in the waiting room with us until they took me back.

I was taken straight to the transfer room and was given instructions. Then my doctor came in, we talked about Rhianna and Chris Brown and then got a picture of our babies from the embryologist to give to us (If you want to see it, find me on Instagram as heatherleigh). Then my RE asked what kind of music I wanted and I said, “Adele, of course!” Have I mentioned how much I love my RE?

The transfer went well. It was only a little uncomfortable for me (think full bladder & a nurse pushing on your belly with the ultrasound). After about 10 minutes, it was done!

The embryologist only seemed optimistic about one of the embryos but after doing some research and comparing pictures of other embryos that have implanted, I think the other little guy…or girl, has decent chance. However, only God knows the outcome and I know He will be with me through it all, regardless of the outcome. After all, I’ve been praying for these babies for over 2 years!

And now? The dreaded 2 week wait. I’ll post the results as soon as we have a chance to process (whatever the outcome) and tell family and close friends. :)

Again, thank you all for the prayers and support you’ve shown us during this process.

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  1. Sending sticky thoughts for another perfect pair. Thinking of you Mama and praying for you and those sweet babies as you begin the torturous 2 week wait.

  2. Thinking about you! I am glad to hear it went well....praying you have peace these next few weeks- I know how torturous that wait is!

  3. Praying for you friend!! Sending "sticky" thoughts your way!! Hope you get blessed with more babies and if not i pray for a peace upon you. Love you girl!!

  4. Prayers & postive thoughts sent out for you! Maybe you could do the same for me?

    I somehow stumbled upon your blog, I think from In this Wonderful Life and I feel a sense of hoping in finding your blog. I'm scheduled for a FET transfer on 03/13/13 and I'm terrifed. This is my first round and I wasn't able to do a fresh transfer due to a uterine polyp. I had surgery to get that removed on Feb 1st. Unfortunatly there is only 1 potential embryo to transfer and I'm praying it's the only one I'll need. It's been one bumpy road so far and I'm hoping we both have happy endings.

  5. I read this last week and meant to comment that I'm praying hard for two very sticky babies!!!


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