February 17, 2013

No Fuss Meal Plan

Happy Sunday!

We’ve been working on cleaning and laundry today to prepare for me being on bed rest for the next two days. The To-Do List is almost done! I took a little break to make dinner and blog and then I’m back to it!

I went with easy, no fuss meals for us the next two weeks…especially for tomorrow and Tuesday. I plan on keeping myself busy so I won’t think too much about the dreaded “two week wait” so I plan on not having much time to prepare dinner.

Other than buying beef & chicken, I don’t have to buy anything for our meals for the next two weeks! I will, however, be making a trip to the grocery store for the basics like…milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper. These are things I just can’t seem to keep stocked up in our house.

Now for the Meal Plan…

Feb 17-March 2 Meal Plan

What’s on your menu?

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