January 9, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Whew! This week has been a tough one with all the sickies in our house! We’re still in a little bit of recovery mode but I think we are all definitely on the mend. Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes.

Just so you know, your child’s poo & vomit can indeed make you want to throw up.

I started watching episodes of Nashville on my iPad and I’m quickly becoming a fan. I wish I could find all episodes to watch but I think I get the gist from the episodes I was able to watch.

I’ve been taking my pre-natal vitamins in gummy form. Oh. My. Goodness why haven’t I tried these before?? Also, can all the pharmaceutical companies please make all medicine in gummy form? Hmmm…once I typed that out, it sounded like a bad idea.

Tomorrow is the practice transfer. I’m glad I’m well enough to go. It was hard to schedule in the first place so I didn’t want to put it off any longer. I’m not looking forward to it but I’m ready to get it over with.

I lost about 8lbs while I was sick. I’m really would like to keep it off…even though I might be pregnant in the next month. But it would still be nice to start at this current weight.

Speaking of weight loss. I was suppose to start walking with a friend this week but getting sick kind of put a kink in our plans. I hope to get started next week. I REALLY need to do this.

I’ve actually started doing a few little organization projects. They’ve been small so far like mainly a couple of drawers and a cabinet in our kitchen. I’ll share the results of those in another post.

Hope you’ve all had a great week so far!

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