January 2, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about things for today’s post. Now that I sit down to type it out, it’s all gone. So, how about a TnT post?

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The girls went to bed at 7:45 last night and were out immediately. I just knew I was either going to have an early morning or have one or both of them wake up sick but that wasn’t the case. I guess the holidays finally caught up to them.

We’ve re-established the barrier (aka baby gate) between our living room and the kitchen & dining room. We decided having the girls roam free was just too much for me to handle and was keeping me from being able to get simple tasks done like loading the dishwasher or moving the laundry over. I think it will be good for their safety…and my sanity. They had their chance to explore and once they had seen it all, it just became trouble. Also, they quit playing with their toys. Today, they have been rediscovering their new toys and it’s been nice. They don’t seem to be as fussy today either however, that could be from all the sleep they got.

Instead of cartoons this morning, I turned on our favorite Christian station on Pandora and we had a dance party. It seems Tillie has some new moves. I’m not sure where she got them but the girl’s got rhythm! Tensley is just starting to dance a little. I’m not sure dancing is her thing…she doesn’t get as excited about hearing music as Tillie.

There’s all kinds of talking going on in our house. Tillie said her first sentence over the holidays. She said, “I see…a dog!” Tensley is jabbering a lot. We haven’t quite figured out if she is still babbling or if she’s actually saying things and we just can’t understand her. When she “talks” she does the expressions and hand motions like she’s actually saying something but we have no idea what it is. Haha!

They got some Mega Bloks and some foam blocks for Christmas. Tensley seems to be a fan of building/stacking them. Tillie likes to knock them down.

Tillie has started taking material, whether it be a rag, a piece of clothing or sometimes even paper and holding it up and trying to drape it over things. I think she might be our little designer/decorator and Tensley might be our little architect.

Both girls seem to like clothes. I think they were the first kids I’ve ever seen that actually were excited about getting clothes for Christmas. They like to hold them up to themselves and sometimes try to put them on. I need to look into some dress up clothes that are easy for them to put on since they are a little young for mastering dressing themselves. Anyone know of anything that might work?

We’re still working on the eating, feeding themselves and not throwing their food on the floor issue. We’ve moved their high chairs to the dining room table so we can all eat together. It worked pretty well for a couple of meals then they were back to throwing their food on the floor. I think this part of toddlerhood is the most frustrating thing for me. I’m ready to be past it.

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  1. I am learning to relax more when I see my kids toss food on the floor. I've been tempted to borrow the neighbor's dog at meal time haha!!


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