January 20, 2013

The Great Closet Crash & Meal Plan

We’ve had a pretty good weekend. I managed to work on an organization project. I’m almost done with it and will share when it’s complete. Hubby worked on a couple of projects as well…one was um…..unplanned.

I was cleaning the kitchen on Saturday and all of the sudden the girls and I heard a loud crash that sounded like it came from the front of the house. James and his dad had been working on the front porch so I didn’t think much of it. I knew he was out in the garage so I went out to let him know what I heard just in case he needed to check on something he was working on and then I forgot all about it.

Later Saturday evening James yelled at me from down the hall. Because of his tone, my first thought was, “great, what did I do now”. I yelled back and he told me to “come here”. I was a little hesitant but I headed down the hall to our bedroom.

When I got to our room, he told me he found the source of the loud crash I had heard earlier….his entire side of the closet was in the floor. The bracing and brackets had come out of the wall and everything went crashing down including the shelf above and the short bar along the back of the closet.

photo (21)

Despite my type A tendencies to have everything in order before I go to bed, the closet stayed like this until today. We were both too tired to even think about dealing with it. Thankfully, I have a pretty handy hubby that had it fixed in about an hour.

So that was our exciting moment of the weekend. Shall we move on to an even more exciting meal plan? Ha!

Jan 20-Feb 2 Meal Plan

There are a few meals that I carried over from last week. We had leftovers a couple of nights so there were meals that I didn’t make. I wish I could plan leftover nights but most of the time, we don’t have leftovers…it just depends on if the girls decide to eat that night or not.

*Since I’m doing meal plans every other week, I’ve decided to start posting recipes on the weeks I don’t have a meal plan.

**You can get the printable Bi-Weekly meal plan in 4 different colors HERE.

***I’m due for an Operation Baby Update. I’ll post sometime tomorrow.

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