January 22, 2013

18 Months

Can we just take a minute to reflect on the fact that TnT are 18 months old?!



They actually turned 18 months old two weeks ago while we were all sick as a dog. I seriously can’t believe it. I mean, I’m going to blink and they’ll be 2! Make it stop!

We’ve been having an issue with the girls fighting. Or rather Tens being too rough and Tillie playing the victim. Getting Tensley to understand “be gentle” is proving to be quite difficult. However, don’t think Tillie is always the innocent one…she is definitely the instigator at times.

Today was the first day in quite a while that I didn’t have to play referee. They didn’t fight all day. I’m hoping we are turning a new leaf on this whole fighting thing but I’m not holding my breath.


Stats: 23 lbs, 32” tall

Personality/Quirks: A total ham but shy around strangers. Puts her hand over her mouth when she giggles. Likes to point her finger at her momma and say, ‘No!’ Goes around roaring at people. Is very good at fake crying and getting her way (it works on her daddy but not so much on her momma). Is a little fashionista…loves to look at clothes and hold them up to her.

Favorite Food(s): Crackers, chocolate milk, fruit, CFA chicken nuggets, French fries, and ketchup/dip. Girlfriend will eat anything if she can dip it. Well…almost anything.

Favorite Things: Blankie…must have one most of the time, Paci…won’t go to sleep without it but is ok without it during the day. Mickey Mouse Club House, Backyardigans, Up, Minnie Mouse

Words: Go, No, I stuck, ROAR, shoes, eyes, ears, wow, whoa, uh oh, get it, I see a ____, weeee! Knows the sounds of a monkey, frog, dog, cat, cow, horse, snake, duck. I’m sure there are more but these are the words she uses most.


Stats: 27 lbs, 32.5” tall

Personality/Quirks: Has started being shy around strangers. Gives the best hugs. Will sit for quite a while focused on a certain task. Opens her mouth real wide and makes a scared face. Is also pretty good at making a surprised face. Loves to spin around and make herself dizzy.

Favorite Foods: Eats just about anything.

Favorite Things: Paci…will sometimes steal her sissy’s and put both in her mouth at the same time. She might need counseling when we take away the paci’s for good. Loves watching TV. Loves to look at books. Loves shoes and is constantly bringing me her shoes or their “princess’ shoes wanting me to put them on her. She does a pretty good job at walking in those little heels!

Words: Babbles a lot with expression and inflection. Just recently saying words we can understand like “up there” and “uh oh”.

It’s so funny to me how different they are. It’s also been really hard not to compare them to each other with developmental milestones. There always seems to be one that’s ahead in one area or another and just as I start to worry, the other one catches up.

Other than the fighting, they are so fun right now. Watching their little personalities develop is the best! I also love watching them learn new things. Seems like there’s something new every day!

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  1. We do the same thing and yes it's so hard not to compare! We have one almost walking and the other has no interest in even crawling. I was so worried I talked to their doc and he (who has twins as well) said its the "curse of the twins" and not to worry...it's hard though! Anyways, the girls are so cute and I can't believe how big they are getting!!

  2. Your twins are so much similar to mine. They turned 18 months also, however, one is still babbling and the other is speaking some words. Check us out, and see if you can relate to my twins at http://preemietwinsandme.blogspot.com/2013/01/mya-and-milani-18-months.html

  3. Happy 18 months girls!!!
    My girl is turning 18 months on Sunday. She's growing too fast!


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