December 10, 2012

Does anyone speak toddler?

There is lots of talking and babbling going on in our house lately. Tillie is starting to say actual words and Tensley is so close but is babbling A LOT. I think she’s actually saying words but I just haven’t figured them out yet.

Tillie is saying all kinds of words like, “Wow” and “Whoa” and “ou-ide” (outside"). She is really good at “Hi” and “Bye”. She’ll come into a room and tell you “Hi!” and then when she’s done talking to you or seeing what you’re doing she walks out, throws her hand up in the air and says, “Bye!” It’s so cute because she says it with a little twang.

She has started a new thing where she will hide behind a wall or some object and wait for you to say, “where’s Tillie?” and then she peeks her head out and sometimes says, “boo!” Seriously, the cutest!

Tensley is big into pointing. I think she may be saying there and that but it’s not quite clear yet. She definitely understands a lot of what we say. The other morning she came into the kitchen while I was trying to decide what to feed them for breakfast and when I showed her a box of muffin mix and asked her if she wanted it, she nodded her head once and said, “yeah”. She’s getting there!

We still go back and forth on if Tens can actually hear us. We will say her name a million times and eventually yell her name and she doesn’t even respond but then we can practically whisper something and she turns around. She is seriously good at selective hearing. Better than any man I’ve ever known!

These were taking one morning a couple of weeks ago. I just thought the way they were playing in the kitchen was cute so I grabbed my camera & snuck a few shots.

Tensley-Tea-Cup TnT-Playing

And here are a couple more from our family pics…

Tensley-Gardens Tillie-Gardens

And here is another hilarious shot from our Take 2 Family session. (It’s impossible to have two toddlers happy at the same time, btw.)
*Photos taken by Amanda Keener.

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