December 3, 2012

Hanging Ornament Décor

Hanging Ornament Decor
I’ve seen a few examples of these on Pinterest so when I saw that I had some extra ornaments, I decided to make one for the chandelier in our dining room.
It was pretty easy to make. All you do is take ribbon, string or tulle and loop it through the the ornament hook loop thingy. Make sure to do varying lengths.
I wanted to make mine bigger but 1) I didn’t want to search for more ornaments and 2) I have twins that won’t let me do anything for more than 5 minutes and 3) Did I mention I have twin TODDLERS that climb and pull things off tables and find un-secured doors and drawers and pull things out and tip over lamps and, and, and!
Also, I learned a thing or two on Pinterest about lighting and exposure/metering for pictures so the above picture? The only editing done was just to make it a little sharper. :)


  1. That's pretty! I would need to do something out of reach as well :)

    And, I was admiring your photography, I wish my pictures would look 1/2 as good as this.

  2. This is super cute! I tried making something similar & it didn't look anything like this haha. I'd love it if you'd link up to The Pinspiration Project!


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