November 13, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

It’s time for another TnT update and boy is there a lot to share this week!

Let’s start with the new developments, shall we?


  • Tillie is becoming an even bigger ham than before. She can be pretty shy but when we are at the store, she has no problem waving and saying, ‘Hi!’ to every one we pass by.
  • She has recently been doing this thing where she sniffs things and then licks it…including me! I have no idea where she got that. I mean, I will sniff her feet & say “stinky feet!” but I’ve never licked them!!
  • The words go, wee, whoa & what have been added to her vocabulary.
  • She is FINALLY getting more teeth! Two of her top molars are coming in. I would have never known if I hadn’t stuck my finger in her mouth to feel around (I’ve kind of been obsessing about her not getting any more teeth.)


  • Tensley seems to be getting more quiet. I thought she was going to be my rambunctious one but she’s been fairly calm lately. Even the climbing has slowed down. She still climbs but mostly to just sit on the couch.
  • She is not a girl of many words but I’ve caught her saying ‘hi’ and ‘duck’.
  • She has taken after her momma and has started walking on her toes
  • I think she’s still working on teeth because for the last couple of days she’s been very fussy and I’ve noticed her chewing on things more than usual.


Now for the fun stuff…

The girls dressed up for the election last Tuesday.
photo 1 (7) photo 2 (5)
And that’s all we’ll say about that.

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo. I dressed the girls accordingly. :) The weather was perfect so we were able to see most of the animals since they weren’t hiding out trying to stay cool.

The girls really like their new strollers.
photo 1 (9)

Neither one of them were afraid of any of the animals. (I can’t wait to finally be done with the pacis so they won’t be in every one of my pictures!)
photo 4 photo 5

Unfortunately, we lost a sippy cup.

photo 3 (7)

Don’t worry, it wasn’t lost in an exhibit. Our zoo has a big pond and there is an area where you can feed the ducks. Tensley dropped her cup and it slowly rolled right through the little gap between the fencing and the decking and into the pond. I’ll admit, I was a little sad. Even looking at this picture as I write this makes me a little sick. Tensley was devastated when she realized she wasn’t getting it back. I felt so bad for her. :(

And just because this is too cute…

photo 2 (9) 

On Thursday, we went to a new to us park. The girls had so much fun and were brave little stinkers. They did things I didn’t think they would even try for at least another year! We’re talking climbing the little rock wall kind of courage here!

photo 1 (11) photo 2 (10) 
photo 3 (8)

This was just one of 3 play sets! In the summer, they put canopies on those large poles! We will definitely be visiting this park again!

Last night after their baths, the girls started hugging each other. Well…actually, Tensley (my little hugger) started hugging Tillie and Tillie thought it was funny so Tensley kept hugging her. They would hug and giggle until they fell down and then get up and hug and giggle again. It was pretty cute to watch. They are slowly starting to get along more & more each day.

photo 1 (12) photo 2 (11) photo 3 (9) photo 4 (3)

And as if I haven’t bombarded you with enough photos, here’s one more snapshot of my sassy girls.

  photo 3 (10)

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