November 6, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

The 31 days challenge really got me thinking about how I need to document more of the things the girls do & say. James has told me over & over that I need to write things down and I just tell him, “I blog it!” But I don’t always. I need to get better about it. Thus the creation of Toddler Tuesday.

I hope to do this weekly. Doing it daily for 31 days was a little tough and to be got to be a bit boring.

So here we go!

The girls will be 16 months in 2 days. I can’t believe how time has seemed to speed up since their first birthday! It went pretty fast the first year but this second year? Whoa!

Tillie has been saying more words lately. A couple of her favorites right now are, “wow!” and “no”. When she says, “wow” it’s cute because she gets this excited look on her face, gasps, then says “Wow!” She has also started saying “no”. I’m not excited about her learning that word however, when she says it she sounds stopped up so it’s kinda cute. She also says “di” for drink and “gi” for get it. When she’s getting her diaper changed, I work with her on counting to 5. Right now she can say “one” pretty clearly.

Tillie has also started climbing and is getting a little better at it. She can get onto the furniture if there’s something near by for her to step on. She likes climbing on the loveseat to play with the light switch. For the longest time she could turn off the light switch but this past week after watching her sister a couple of times, she finally figured out how to turn it on. Between the two of them, I might have a seizure with all the on/off of the living room light.

Tensley is still babbling but not really saying many words. I’ve heard her say “done” a couple of times and last night she said “bye, bye”. Oh and she said “Mama” the other day when she was upset and James had her. She clearly wanted Mama.

Tensley is also getting teeth #9 & 10…her molars on bottom are coming in. Yesterday, she started crying out of the blue. I ruled everything else out & was convinced it was her teeth. After a little bit of Orajel and some dinner, she was fine the rest of the night.

The girls inherited some new BIG toys from their cousins. Thankfully they fold up nice and small.


I love how this picture turned out. Can you see Tillie peeking through the tunnel window?

It took Tillie a little time to get brave enough to crawl through the tunnel but she finally did.

The girls had a little bit of backyard time this weekend. We don’t have much to do for them yet so they get bored fairly quick. But we’re working on making in more fun for them.

TnT Backyard (1 of 9) TnT Backyard (2 of 9) TnT Backyard (9 of 9)
TnT Backyard (3 of 9) TnT Backyard (7 of 9) TnT Backyard (8 of 9)
TnT Backyard (4 of 9) TnT Backyard (5 of 9) TnT Backyard (6 of 9)

As you can see, it’s pretty busy around here these days. These girls are always on the move. I keep trying to give them more freedom in the house but then they make me regret my decision by getting into trouble so they lose their freedom privilege. :)

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  1. Your girls are so cute! I can't wait until mine interact more with each other. You also do such a great job at taking pics everyday! I need to get better b/c I know I will want more when they are older!


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