November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The house is slowly getting back to the way it was. So far we’ve run the dishwasher 3 times and have hand washed the pots and pans. I’d really like to just dig in and get it done but I’m still recovering from all the cleaning I did before Thanksgiving! We also have a weekend full of plans.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) we have plenty of leftovers. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve gathered several recipes to use up those leftovers.

We almost always have turkey and ham for Thanksgiving. Until hubs started smoking turkeys, I was never a huge fan of it so I would always eat ham. We have lots of leftover ham so this is the first thing on my list of things to make.


Who doesn’t love a good casserole? This seems like it would be pretty easy to throw together and it sounds delicious!

We’ve always had open faced sandwiches with leftover pot roast, why not use left over turkey?

Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches seem to be the thing right now. This one would be another perfect use of the leftover ham sitting in my fridge.


So what do you do with your leftovers? Do you have any tried and true recipes?

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