November 15, 2012

Activities for Toddlers: Colors and Sorting

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that TnT seem to get bored very easily. A couple of months ago, when they literally started climbing the walls, I began scouring the internets for activities that might give them a break from their everyday toys.

I haven’t been consistent with these new activities but now that the weather might be getting a little colder, I’ll definitely be bringing out these activities more often.

A few months ago I tried to teach them about colors. I think I over did it then because the the girls and I got bored pretty quickly. I actually had forgotten this activity until I started writing this post. I think I’ll work with them on this one again soon.

One activity that I have done with them recently is colors and sorting with pom poms and muffin tins.

I set it up to where each one had their own muffin tin and I put one pom pom of each color in each spot.

They had fun putting the pom poms in the tins…at first. They didn’t quite get what I was trying to accomplish with a color in each spot but they filled each tin with the pom poms.

Pom Poms_1 Pom Poms_2

This lasted no more than 5 minutes before this happened.

Pom Poms_4 Pom Poms-3

Did you notice Tillie was missing from these pictures? That’s because after a couple of minutes, she decided to start chucking pom poms across the room and then proceeded to coax Tensley into a game of tag.

I’ve tried this activity a couple of times since but those attempts were just as much of a failure as the first try. The second time, Tillie decided she needed to lick the pom poms. I gave up that time when several ‘no’s’ were proceeded with maniacal laughter.

Oh well, we’ll try again another day.

Oy. Toddlers.

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