October 16, 2012

Project List Update–Week 3


So I crossed off an item on my list and managed to check another one off.

Project List 10-14-12

I decided to hold off on making my own tortilla mix. I just don’t have that much energy right now, haha!

This weekend during one of the girls’ naps I decided to tackle the mountains of papers in the office. I doesn’t really look like I made a dent but trust me, the piles are a little bit smaller.


I had cleaned and decorated the office before the girls but with the extreme fatigue I experienced with my pregnancy (along with the fact that I was still working full time) the papers…especially medical bills, added up and I just never took the time to go through the papers.

I hate paper. I never know what to do with it. What to keep, how long to keep it. Ugh! It’s so confusing! But I will get through this…..this dreaded project. I will!

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