October 9, 2012

Project List Progress


Last week I posted my project to-do list for all to see. Well, this week, I’m hesitantly posting my progress.

Project List copy 10-2-12

Yep, I got one thing marked off my list. Sad, isn’t it? And did you notice that I actually added something to the list?

I at least expected to get the first 2 marked off. I mean, they are very simple projects. You just mix a bunch of stuff together.

My excuse? The toddlers are now only napping once a day and don’t really allow me to do chores when they are awake so I’m having to get my daily stuff done during that one nap. Also, it’s been a busy week with appointments and visitors.

I’m determined to finish at least one more project by next week. Baby steps.

You can get the recipe for my one to do that got checked off HERE.

Do you have any projects you’re trying to tackle?

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