October 2, 2012

My To-Do List

So I may not be good at crossing things off my to-do lists but boy and can make lists with the best of them.

Since I seem to have trouble sticking with my lists, I thought I’d try sharing my project list with all of you so maybe it will help me stick with it.

My plan is to report to you each week what, if anything, I’ve been able to cross off my list. Sounds a little like a New Year’s Resolution, huh? I’m just getting a head start!

Ok, here we go…

I’m a little scared.

It’s A LOT. Please don’t judge.

I promise, I’m not a slacker. This stuff just adds up.

Also, I have twins….that are toddlers.

Project List 10-1-12

More than likely there will be more things added to this list next week rather than checked off. We’ll see. Maybe putting this out there will motivate me to figure out a way to get this stuff done.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting…

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  1. What recipe do you use for your tortilla mix? I'm trying to do more made from scratch items and we eat a lot of tortillas!

  2. BTW my email is brittany prior at g mail dot com without the spaces


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