October 24, 2012

Changes to Le Blog

Oh hey there! Are you surprised to see a post other than a 31 days post?

Well, I have some exciting news!!! Ok, maybe not that exciting for you, but I’m pretty excited!

First, I am officially a DOT COM, y’all! Yep, I took the plunge. It’s funny, and maybe a little weird, how giddy getting rid of the ‘blogspot’ made me. Silly, I know, but it makes me feel a little more…official in the blog world. Ha!

It isn’t supposed to affect your feed but if you want to keep reading my little blog(and I hope you do), you might check and/or update your feed with my new web addy.

My next bit of news is that I am now accepting sponsors! So, if you have a blog or shop/website, that you’d like to promote, please keep reading!

I’m going to start with just a few ads to see how it goes so if you’d like to be a part of my “test”, I’m offering a 25% discount for those who are willing to help me out (discount code can be found on the Sponsor page).

So, here’s what you need to do if interested…go up to the menu and click on ‘Sponsor’. You’ll be taken to the Sponsor page where you can choose the size ad you want, make your payment (be sure to enter the promo code) and upload your ad! Easy Peasy, right?

Something else that might interest you…I will be more than happy to spotlight and/or review any products, sales or giveaways for my sponsors.

I’m very excited about this new venture and hope to maybe discover some new blogs and products!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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