October 1, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: A Typical Day

I decided at the last minute to join in the Nester’s 31 Days link up. It’s blogging for every day in the month of October about a single topic. Since being a mom of twins pretty much consumes my days, I thought I’d blog about that. I think it will be nice to document our days. James is always telling me I need to write things down and take more pictures with my “real” camera. Maybe this is just what I need to get the ball rolling with that.

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I want to go ahead and apologize now for the uber long post. I just wanted to share a typical day. I promise the other posts won’t be anywhere near as long. Hopefully, I can keep you interested in my superb writing skills. Haha!

Ok, here we go…

I’m in the middle of a dream but I don’t realize it yet. I keep hearing this annoying sound that just won’t quit. As I slowly open my eyes I realize it’s 6:45am and the alarm clock is going off. I hit snooze and try to go back to sleep but I can’t stop thinking about why I set it to go off so early to begin with.

I can’t go back to sleep so I grab my phone and start my quiet time. I’ve been following the plans by She Reads Truth through the You Version app. After reading through a couple of days (I’m playing catch up), I’m feeling sleepy so I go back to sleep.

This time it’s the sound of Tensley’s voice coming through the monitor that wakes me up. It’s now 8:30am. I drag myself out of bed and to their room. Tillie appears to still be asleep but she wakes up shortly after I begin to change Tensley’s diaper.

Diapers are changed and we all walk down the hall to the living room. I turn on some cartoons to keep them busy while I get their milk, my coffee and our breakfast ready. Waffles with peanut butter and bananas are on the menu…I ended up having a donut leftover from yesterday.

While the girls eat their breakfast, I tidy up the kitchen and then clean up the “accident” the dog had before I could let him out. Just what I needed today. I still need to get a couple of blog posts done and manage to get us all ready for the girls’ WCC this afternoon.

I get the girls down and let them play while I hurry to get my blog posts done before I need to get ready for their appointment. I hear squealing and suddenly realize Tensley has decided to climb on the couch and play with the blinds. Instead of trying to keep her off the couch I go over and open the blinds. She’s happy about that and then Tillie decides to join her. Ugh. Whatever. Just don’t fall and break your neck. I move their giant bean bags up against the couch…you know… to break their fall. Safety first!


After some play time and mommy time, I decide to put them down for a short nap before their appointment. It’s already noon and I’m going to have to rush to get us all ready and out the door on time.

Tensley lays down and doesn’t make a peep. Tillie protests with much angst. I “try” to ignore her and head to the shower.

While in the shower I keep thinking about how strange it is that I didn’t get a reminder call from the doctor’s office about the girls’ appointment. I finish my shower and make a call just to double check. Sure enough, their appointment isn’t until later in the month. How I got the appointment in my calendar for October 1st I’ll never know. I get dressed in my daily uniform of leggings and a T-shirt and head down the hall to think about lunch.

The first peep I hear from the girls’ room is Tillie. It’s just before 2:30. I go down the hall to get her up. To my surprise Tensley is awake too. They’re standing up in their cribs waving to each other. I change their diapers, get them out of their pj’s and into some actual clothes. Seems silly to change them so late in the day but I figure there might be some porch/outside time in our future.

I’m so glad I don’t have to carry them around anymore but getting them to go from one place to another is like herding cats. We finally make it to the living room and I start lunch…grilled turkey sandwiches and potato chips. I fill their sippy cups with tea. Decaf, of course. I want to keep my good sleepers thank you very much.

Tensley is now on the love seat turning the overhead light in the living room on and off. It’s no use getting her down. She’ll just get right back up and do it again. Besides, she’ll get tired of it in no time and move on to something else. Meanwhile, Tillie is cheering her on.

I get girls in their high chairs for lunch and munch on the small plate of nachos I made for myself while cleaning the kitchen. Tillie has started taking drinks and then letting it dribble out of her mouth. If it’s not this, it’s sippy cups being flung across the kitchen. Toddlers are exhausting. I tell her ‘No!’ and wipe her off. She does it again. I give her one more chance. She does it again. I take the sippy cup away. It doesn’t phase her a bit.


I finish cleaning up the kitchen and take the remainder of my nachos to the dining room table. The girls start jabbering and giggling at each other. I pretend not to notice but can’t help but smile. I love it when they’re not fighting.

The girls have finished their lunch so I get them down and clean up the lunch mess. Then we have a Choo Choo Soul Dance party. Tillie is quite the dancer and Tensley is just now getting into it.

We follow up with a tickle fest.


I notice the time and go grab a basket of toys to distract the girls so I can go start dinner. James will be home any minute. The “new” toys last all of 5 minutes before the “witching hour” starts. I thought we’d be beyond this by now. Until we get past this phase, Mickey Mouse will have to get us through.


Just as I get dinner started, the power goes out. This is not part of our typical day but whatever, I’ll roll with it. Maybe I won’t have to cook after all. Not long after the girls start to get very anxious so we take them out on the porch for some outside time.  It doesn’t last long either.

Back inside we go…trying to figure out what we want to do for dinner and the power comes back home. Guess I’ll be finishing that dinner I started.

James goes out to the garage to work out and hallelujah MiMi drops in to bring goodies and plays with the girls while I finish dinner. And then she’s gone.

I get the girls settled with dinner and sit down with a plate for myself. I want nothing more than to sit down but I know this won’t last long. I’ll be picking up sippy cups and cleaning the dinner mess then getting the girls in their pj’s after James gives them a bath and getting them in bed. It will be at least 9pm before I really get to sit down.

If I have enough energy, I’ll work on the stuff I wanted to get done this morning. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Life with twins is never a dull moment! Thanks for a peek inside the world of having ONLY twins. Add a 2 year old and 4 year old and your day sounds like a walk in the park. ;) I look forward to following the rest of your month.

    1. God willing, we would like to have more children. After having twins first I feel like I could do anything but I know adding to our family will definitely present new challenges. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh you know I had to stop here when I saw your title. I am a mama of twin boys (now five and in kindergarten). Your girls are just adorable and i love their sweet little names. Blessings to you and your set of doubles. :)

  3. I feel like I am the last person to know about the 31 days challenge! :) GREAT topic, and I LOVED this post.

  4. I am so excited to read this! I'm 17 weeks pregnant with twins and I have two older daughters - 7 and 5. No matter how hard I try, I cannot imagine life with twins! This will be so much fun to take a peek in on your life. :)

  5. Love twins!! My boys are seven and in second grade. It does get easier....eventually :)

  6. That video of them dancing is adorable!!


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