October 2, 2012

31 Days of a Twin Mom: Day Two–Couch Climbing

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Ok, I lied. These posts look like they are going to be longer than I intended but I think they’re a pretty quick read.


It’s a typical morning in our house today. I wake up around 8:30 (decided to forgo the alarm clock today) and the girls wake up shortly after.

I dump the packets of vitamins into the girls sippy cups and then add milk and a little bit chocolate syrup. They seem to drink all of their milk when it has the chocolate in it, of course. I’m ok with it because they get all of their vitamins this way.

I warm up some cream of wheat for the girls, pour myself some iced coffee and scarf down the last donut. I really should eat healthier but convenience usually wins out.

I hear Tensley making noise so I peek into the living room and see that her and Tillie are standing by the vacuum cleaner looking and grunting at it like “what are you doing here?” It makes me giggle.

I feed the girls in the living room. I can’t wait until they can use utensils themselves…effectively. Once they’re done I go load up the morning dishes and start the dishwasher. I notice the light in the living room is on, then off, on, then off. Tensley has climbed up on the loveseat again.

10-02-12_Tens 10-02-12_Tens-Light-Switch

Tillie stepped on a sticker last night so after I finish the dishes I vacuum the living room, where they play. They thought they would “help” by hold the cord for me. Neither one of them are afraid of the vacuum. Never have been. In fact, there were many nights when they were infants that they slept with the vacuum on. We used it so much that James made a CD of the vacuum sound so we wouldn’t burn up our fairly new Dyson. They play for a while without me. I sometimes feel guilty about not playing with them but when I do it usually ends up with then climbing all over me then getting in a fight over me and no playing occurs. So I often let them play with me out of reach but within view. It just works better that way.

I notice they are getting fussy and rubbing their eyes. Tillie brings me a book so I read it to them. The fighting ensues. I finish the book and take them down the hall to change diapers and put them down for a nap.

Nap time means chores or tackling my project list so I work on that while the girls are napping. Hopefully they stay asleep for a while but I try not to get my hopes up.

Nap time lasts about 2 hours. Tensley is the first to wake up. I go get her and Tillie is still asleep. I give Tensley her lunch and clean up my nap time project and eat my sandwich while she eats. Right after she’s done, Tillie wakes up. While she’s eating I get dinner started…chicken in the crock pot and quinoa in the rice cooker. We’re having chicken and rice.

The girls are busy playing and giggling. Tensley is up on the loveseat. I have no idea what is so funny but I take advantage of them being occupied and sit down at my computer to check email and print some coupons.

James is home, he plays with the girls for a little bit then goes to workout. I start putting everything together for dinner when I notice Tensley on the arm of the couch trying to get on the end table. I yell “no!” from the kitchen but it, of course does no good. I go get her down and put her in the floor. She’s not happy with me. At. All. We repeat this a few more times before I can get their dinner ready. In other words, all hell breaks loose.

10-02-12_Tens-Couch 10-02-12_Tens-Sitting-on-Co

Finally their dinner is ready and I get them all set up. Ahhhh, peace and quiet.

They’re getting a little better at using utensils. They definitely get the idea but still have a ways to go. There’s no longer piles of food on the floor so that’s progress, right?

Our usual night time routine begins. Dinner. Baths. Relaxing and calming down before bed time. Although the calming down time is very rare these days. It’s usually full of giggles & chasing each other around. As soon as it turns to fussy, crying & fighting we know it’s bed time.

I’ll probably stay up too late again trying to get stuff…work done. Thinking about taking the girls to the park or somewhere tomorrow just to get out. Not sure yet. We have an appointment on Thursday and they are suppose to go to MiMi’s on Friday.

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