October 30, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 30-Stuck

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Today, I was stuck under a poor little sick toddler. She only wanted me. Of course, it was jut me during the day but my mom came over in the afternoon to try to cuddle her so I could do a couple of things around the house but Miss Tillie wasn’t having it. Only momma would do.

I did manage to get a few things done in the morning when she was still asleep. Tensley was up but she mainly just followed me around or got in a trance watching Mickey Mouse.

Tillie’s fever was at the highest right after she woke up but after a dose of Tylenol it broke and she didn’t really have fever the rest of the day. She just felt crummy & slept most of the day.

I continued giving her Tylenol because she would wake up and just cry so I figured her throat was hurting and/or she was achy. When it would kick in, she would get a little playful.

10-30-12_Sick-Tillie1 10-30-12_Sick-Tillie210-30-12_Sick-Tillie3 10-30-12_Sick-Tillie4

Let’s see if I still have a fever, momma. Is this how you do it?’

‘Oh, it goes like this? Ok.’

‘Maybe we should use these anti-bacterial wipes to make me better.’

Like I said, she slept on me most of the day so I barely ate, drank or was able to go to the bathroom. I’d grab a couple of crackers when I’d get up to get her some medicine but that was about it. It wasn’t until my mom came over that I ate something substantial.

I also just want to say that having one sick twin and one that is well can be very difficult when you’re alone. When Tensley was sick it wasn’t that hard because she still wanted to play and didn’t need or want to be held much and she wanted to be in her bed to sleep. Tillie, on the other hand, wanted to be held and didn’t want anyone else to touch her.. I’m sure part of that is just her personality but I also wonder if maybe she was a little more sick than Tensley was. Also, Tensley wanted to play and just didn’t understand why Tillie didn’t want to. And trying to keep Tensley out of trouble while I was holding Tillie was quite a challenge.

I’m a little sad that we’ll probably miss another holiday due to illness. If you’ve been reading this little blog for a while, you might remember that they had RSV at Easter.

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