October 9, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 9-Toddler Activities

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I woke up at my normal 8:30 wake up time. It’s nice getting to wake up on my own rather than to an alarm every day. I’m so thankful I am able to stay home with the girls.

The girls are in a good mood this morning. No craziness today, thank goodness! Tensley hasn’t climbed much and Tillie is just running around giggling and dancing. She’s such a happy child.

I decided to try an activity I saw on Pinterest. I call it No Mess Painting.

Here’s what I did:

I took cardstock and cut it down to 8”x10”. Then I placed it in a gallon size Ziploc bag and put dollops of paint around the paper. Then I sealed up the bag and used masking tape to tape it down to the table.


In hindsight, I would have used more paint and maybe a different kind. The acrylic craft paint tried too fast and when I went to take out the paper, the paint had stuck to the bag and ripped the paint off the paper. :( Also, the girls didn’t mind but I should have turned the bags over to where the Ziploc logo didn’t show, haha!

I had to show them what to to at first. Tillie seemed more interested than Tensley which surprised me a little because we went to an art party and Tensley was all about the painting.


I thought this would at least last a good 10 minutes but it lasted about 45 seconds. However, I’ll definitely be trying this activity again in the future.

After a snack, the girls played for a little bit then I fixed lunch around noon. Shortly after that was nap time. They slept from 1-3pm. During that time I vacuumed the front part of the house, picked up, cleaned up the kitchen, mopped the laundry room and worked on another activity for the girls. Oh yeah, and I “assembled” a table that they got for their birthday.

When they woke up, I had the table in the living room set up with their snack. They were pretty excited and sat in their little chairs for quite a while.

10-09-12-Snack-Tillie 10-09-12-Snack-Tensley

Once they got tired of sitting at the table they went off to play.

Then, the minute I thought about starting dinner they of course started getting fussy. How long is this witching hour going to last anyways? So, I grabbed the activity that I worked on while they were asleep and oh my goodness I was able to cook dinner in peace, y’all! This kept them busy almost all evening!


The rest of the evening went smoothly. We had dinner then baths (dinner was a bit messy) and then the girls played and wore themselves out for bed time.

 I’m happy to report that we had a good day. Not all days with twins are total chaos.

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  1. What was the activity you had made for them in the afternoon?


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