October 8, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 8–It’s a Conspiracy!

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Where oh where to begin for today? Let’s go back to last night, shall we?

Last night, Tensley decided she WAS NOT ready to go to bed and threw herself a little fit. She would calm down and then start fussing again. We let it go on for about 30 minutes then we decided to go get her before she got Tillie fired up. I was up with her until after midnight.

Then, at 5am this morning, both girls started taking turns crying out but when I checked on them, they were sound asleep. This went on for about 2 hours and then I fell back asleep until 8:30. The girls were starting to stir so I hopped in the shower before getting them up.

We started our morning as normal but when I started to make breakfast, Tensley kept doing this…

10-08-12 Tens Chair

I kept telling her “no!” and getting her down but she just kept climbing back up. Finally, one time when I was attending to Tillie, Tensley fell off the table. It was awful as I watched it happen but couldn’t get to her in time. She didn’t climb back up there the rest of the day. But it didn’t keep her from climbing elsewhere…

Not long after, Tillie somehow climbed up on the loveseat with Tensley. I told her to be careful and a couple of minutes later, she fell off.

So now we’ve had 2 falls within about 30 minutes. Ugh.

We get through breakfast. The girls resume playing and climbing and getting into trouble which then turns into whining and fussing. They’re getting tired.

Since it’s almost lunch time I begin to make their lunch when this happens…

10-08-12 TwinGate

Now don’t let this picture fool you. They both took part in the take down of the gate. Tillie was just smart enough to jump up and run away as fast as possible.

By this point, I was convinced they were conspiring against me and I was having to take deep breaths to keep it all together. Remember, I didn’t get much sleep the night before and get very cranky and emotional with little to no sleep.

The last straw was when I got the girls settled with their lunch and then I sat down for a minute to catch my breath. Not 30 seconds after I sat down did the dog start peeing on the carpet! I jumped up and yelled at him to stop. Thankfully, he was able to stop the stream long enough to get outside (normally, he can’t and then leaves a trail).

After kicking the dog outside, I might have had myself a mini meltdown…out of the girls’ sight of course. Five minutes later, I was fairly calm. I got the girls down and took them straight to bed. They slept for a little over 2 hours and I was able to get my sanity back.

When they got up, it was nice outside so I opened the back door. We had a peaceful afternoon.


I sure wish it had been nicer this morning.

I see many, many morning activities in our future.

Our evening went pretty smooth. Bed time has been rough. Tensley is fighting sleep once again so I’m off to deal with that.

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