October 7, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 7-Not So Lazy Sunday

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I woke up again this morning ready for bed. Actually, I probably would have been ok if I could have just stayed in bed for an hour or two longer.

I got up and we got the girls up then I cleaned the kitchen and started breakfast. We ate and I cleaned up the kitchen again. I live in the kitchen. There are many days I would like to evict myself but I do enjoy making a good meal for my family.

James watched the girls while I made a grocery store run. We needed some eggs & milk. While I was gone, I got this via text from James.

She’s such a mess!

Once I got home, James made their lunch while I worked a little bit on a project. After they ate, I cleaned up the kitchen (do I sound like a broken record? LOL) and then put the girls down for a nap at 1pm.

The girls slept for 4 hours! I heard noises coming from their room around 3pm so I got their sippy & snack cups ready….so much for that!

10-07-12 Sippy & Snack Cups

The 4 hour nap was nice for me because I was able to work on the enormous to-do list that I have for today. I’m still not done but hopefully, they’ll cooperate so I can get it all done before I crash into bed.

For dinner I decide to warm up the BBQ leftovers from yesterday. The girls are being quite and watching Mickey Mouse so I’m working on things while I can. There’s laundry waiting for me to switch over so I’ll tackle that in between warming up dinner.

We made it through dinner. I sat down to work for a bit before baths but the girls weren’t having it so I played & snuggled with them. Tillie was trying to be helpful and helped me pick up toys and then Tensley would turn around and take them out of the basket.

I barely survived bath time. Tensley bit me on my shoulder! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bite hurt so bad! It felt like a needle piercing my shoulder. That child. She’s a mess!

Now we’re watching Mickey Mouse before bed time. I may have to have some coffee so I can stay up late to work on my to-do list. I’d like to at least finish a couple of things on it.

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