October 5, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 5-Cleaning up Puddles


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My alarm went off at 7am this morning but I wasn’t quite ready to get up. I snoozed until around 7:45 when I heard the first peeps coming from the girls’ room. I decided at this point I better get up and get going. I decide to take a quick shower before getting them up. It’s just easier that way.

After the morning diaper changes we all truck down the hall. As soon as I step into the kitchen to make sippy cups and morning coffee, I know my morning isn’t going to go as planned. I know this because I stepped right into a big puddle of dog pee. Ugh. Mopping was on my list of things to do but not until this afternoon.

On my way to grab some paper towels, I notice that not only did Bear (our Australian Shepherd) leave a puddle but he dribbled all around the kitchen through the laundry room and into the mud room. I sopped it all up with paper towels and then while the girls ate breakfast, they watched me mop the floor (Let’s take a moment here and thank Jesus for the invention of the steam mop. Amen.)


The exterminator was coming out later this afternoon so I start picking up around the house when my sister calls. She wants to meet for lunch like NOW. Thankfully, the girls are already dressed because I’m taking them to my moms this afternoon before the exterminator shows up. I don’t like having them in the house when they come out to spray. All I have to do is finish getting myself ready, stick a bow in the girls’ hair and put on their shoes.

In the midst of trying to leave the house, I get a text from James to unlock the door. What? Why is he home? Turns out he wanted to see the girls since he’s having a guys night out & won’t get to see them this evening. He was able to be here just long enough to get hugs and kisses and to help me load us all up. Then he was back off to work.

The girls and I take off to meet my sister and then I take the girls to my mom’s and rush back to the house to finish picking up before the exterminator gets here.

Ahhh… I get a little bit of peace & quite before I go get the girls.

The exterminator left so I decide to do a few quick chores and then head to my mom & dad’s to hang out while James is having his “guys night”. I’m feeling a little tired so I decided to stop and get myself a little wake me up treat.


We had a good time. The girls had fun playing with my niece & nephew and just running around.



While I was getting their bath ready, Tensley peed on the floor. It was hysterical! My mom, sister and I were all screaming and laughing and my sister “tried” to keep it from getting on the carpet. I so wish I had had my camera. Even now the mental picture is making me laugh.

After baths we had a snuggle fest. Me and Tillie, Papa and Tensley, and my mom and nephew snuggled up and watched Boz. Then I loaded up and took the girls home. They were tired.

When I got home, the house smelled like a movie theater. The guys night ended up at our house up in the man cave/theater room. James came out to help unload the girls. We took them straight to bed.

It was a busy but good day.

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