October 4, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 4-Hit the Ground Running

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The toddler alarm went off at 8am this morning. It was Tillie. She was the last one down and the first one up. She’s like her momma…afraid she’ll miss something. I got her out of her crib and went ahead and fed her breakfast. Tensley slept for another hour. It’s so much easier dealing with them one at a time. Less distraction, I suppose.

I had planned on taking them to story time at the library but that was at 10am and there was no way I was going to get breakfast and all 3 of us ready and to the library in an hour.

The girls played while I cleaned off the dining room table and picked up a little throughout the house. The house was a disaster. It still is, actually. Why do I even try? Tillie had a PT appointment at 1pm so I would need to start getting ready for that soon.

My mom called as I was writing up my Oatmeal post for today. She was suppose to come here to watch Tensley while I took Tillie to PT. She called to see if I would mind bringing Tensley to her. I wasn’t sure if I could get us all ready and then make it to the other side of town and then back but I told her I’d try.

With less than 30 minutes to get to the appointment, I pulled into my mom’s driveway and got Tensley out. My mom was at the door waiting with a ham sandwich & chips for me and cheese & crackers for Tillie (we didn’t have time for lunch). Wasn’t that nice of her?

I hopped back into the car and raced (within the speed limit, of course) to Tillie’s appointment. I pulled into the parking lot right at 1pm.

After Tillie’s appointment I called my mom. She had just put Tensley down for a nap so I decided I would make my couponing/grocery trip for the week. Tillie napped in the car.

While in the grocery store I got a text from my mom that Tens was awake. I finished my shopping and then headed that way.

The girls played and chased each other around for a bit at my moms. I had planned on picking up Tens then heading home but I figured since it was so close to time for my dad to get home from work I’d wait so he could see them.

After a quick visit with Papa, we headed home. First thing I noticed when I walked in the door was that daddy had done some rearranging. Let’s just say that the little climber now has less opportunity to climb on higher surfaces. The dinner/bath/bed time routine began shortly after I walked in the door. Before kids our evenings were so much more low key. Now, our evenings feel busier than our days. The sad thing? I was a night owl before. Not so much these days. Can someone put me to bed, please?

While I was at my mom’s, she showed me some pictures of me and my sister when we were little. The more I looked at the pictures of me, the more I saw Tillie. And then there were several pictures of my sister that reminded me of Tensley.

I’ll let you be the judge.

photo (13)
Upper left: Tillie, Upper right: me, Lower left: Tensley, Lower right: my sister

Sorry for the blurry pic of me. I had to zoom in enough so that you could see the similarities…i.e. the stank face. lol

Disclaimer:  I was in no way as ornery as Tillie. James gets to take credit for that. And as sweet as my sister looks in that picture, that wasn’t always the case. Tensley’s persistence was inherited from her daddy and her auntie. :P

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