October 3, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 3-Where are My Running Shoes?

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When I went to bed last night I had the best intentions for today. Then I woke up at 5am feeling like everything I ate yesterday was in my throat. I haven’t had reflux in months. It’s still bothering me this morning so my plans for today many not happen after all.

I’m thinking this little climber may be the reason for my reflux. I mean she just started really climbing yesterday and the reflux started this morning so….


I sucked it up and loaded up the girls and made a trip to the park. I’m still trying to  find one that has small enough toys for them to play on. They’re still not walking all that well so I’m not ready for them to go climbing on a bunch of “big” stuff yet.

I think they were a little too tired to play but they didn’t seem like they wanted to leave when we left either. They just love to be outside.

10-3-12_Tens-Park-Porthole 10-3-12_Tens-Park-Sitting
10-3-12_Tillie-Park 10-3-12-Tillie-Park-Piggies

When we get home the girls lay in their bean bag chairs while I make lunch. I think they’re ready for a nap and I pray they don’t fall asleep before I get them fed. Lunch wakes them up a bit so we play for a little while. I attempt to get some stretches in for Tillie’s neck but keep getting interrupted by Tensley who is now in the windowsill behind the couch.

I finally decide it’s nap time so diapers are changed & the girls go to bed. I go straight to my room to take a shower. I get through it as quickly as I can so I can lay down for a few minutes. Hopefully it will help me to not be a zombie mom this evening like I was last night.

The nap was sort of a fail. I turned on the power nap feature on my alarm clock and still hadn’t fallen asleep when it went off. I turned it off and then dozed off for about 10 minutes. No point in laying there when I could get up and get at least a couple things done while the girls are still asleep so I get up.

Our evening turned out to be a little chaotic. Who am I kidding? I was ready to pull my hair out. The climber did not make it easy for me to cook dinner. In fact, we didn’t have dinner until 7:30…we usually eat no later than 6pm. I have had 2 large glasses of iced coffee. It hasn’t helped. I’ll be going to bed very soon.

10-3-12_Tens on Buffet

Tomorrow is a new day, right?. I’ll wake up just like I always do unable to get to TnT’s room fast enough because I can’t wait to see them. I’ll just be sure to wear my running shoes.

10-3-12_Girls in Bed

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  1. The climbing and standing on moving objects makes me nervous! Our parks have two areas. One for toddlers and the other for bigger kids. Guess where Both my little ones end up playing?!

  2. Hey, catching up on my blog reading and I realized you're doing the 31 days too. Way to go girl! I'm chronicling my last 31 months as a twin mom. It's been fun. Looks like you have a climber on your hands


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