October 28, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 27-Saturday Errands

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Today started with breakfast in bed. James brought me a pancake and got the girls up while I hung out in bed. That was the best part of my day.

Once I got up I got dressed and headed out to do my Saturday errands. I DO NOT look forward to Saturday errands…even though I get to go alone. However, I did make a pit stop at my favorite store pick up a new pair of jeans and some tops.

When I got home James and I traded. He took of to do some stuff and I stayed with the girls. I should have done a little bit of cleaning but instead decided to do a little crafting. The girls were destroying the house anyway. No sense in cleaning until they went to bed.

Tonight we watched the OU vs. Notre Dame game. OU lost. The mood in this house is not so great. I might have done a little bit of bad mood cleaning afterward. Does anyone else do that?…clean when they are mad or in a bad mood?

We were way off schedule with the girls today. We had a late dinner and didn’t get them in bed until after 10. Tillie was a little bit fussy this evening but it still amazes me how well they are able to adjust when we get off schedule. (Not that we have a set schedule…it’s more of a routine).

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Notice how clean their play area is in the picture on the left? We’re working on clean up. They do pretty good when we tell them to clean up…especially now. They love putting things in baskets, bins, etc. They were in no mood for cleaning tonight…too tired…so momma & daddy had to do the clean up. Thanks girls.

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