October 27, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 26-Silly Monkeys

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Remember yesterday’s post where I mentioned Tillie going on a sleep strike for the 3rd night in a row? Well, Tensley woke up a 6:30am. She cried for a few seconds and then got quiet so I assumed she went back to sleep. So I went back to sleep…or rather, I tried to go back to sleep. Then she woke up again at 7:30. This time she fussed on and off for several minutes so I looked at the monitor and saw her standing up and laying her head on the rail. So I got up to see what was going on.

I got her out of her crib and as I was debating taking her back to bed with me or going down to the living room to let her watch cartoons while I dozed, I smelled it. I started to change her diaper and then I saw how bad it was. Poor baby was raw in her diaper area. No wonder she was trying to sleep standing up! :( So she had a bath before 8am.


Once I got both girls dressed and settled in the living room with cartoons and their toys I headed into the kitchen to make their breakfast. While I was cleaning up the kitchen (I hate having to clean before I can prepare a meal), I heard Tillie making cute noises. I peeked through our pass through window into the playroom and saw Tillie looking at some books. It was like she was reading them only making up her own story. Then I realized that the books she had were not in their reach. And then I looked up and noticed the small lamp on top of the book shelf teetering on the edge and books missing. Aye yai yai. I mean she has started climbing some but not to those heights! I quickly ran into the play area and moved the lamp to a more stable position.

The rest of the day was easy going. They took a decent nap and were in a really good mood after. They played and chased each other and giggled.

Right before James got home, I decided we needed to go out for dinner and make a trip to Target. I managed to get a shower when the girls napped so all I had to do was finish getting ready. I thought they would play in their room but instead they decided our room was better…and closer to momma.


I remembered when they’re in their room they like to play with their headbands, bows & flower clips so I grabbed them and took them to my room. I had no idea it would keep them busy for so long!

When we finally started to head out for dinner, I tried to find a jacket or sweater for the girls since it’s really cold here this week. I came up empty handed so we ended up taking a couple of fleece blankets to wrap them up in from the car to restaurant/store. First thing to get on the list at Target was coats! And guess what! I found some really cute ones and they had 2 of the same size/style! (It’s been really hard to find 2 of the same style and size in anything for them lately.)


It’s a good thing we left the house pretty early because by 7:30 both girls were getting very sleepy. We did baths pretty soon after we got home and then I cleaned up their bathroom and their room (because the toddlers had destroyed the back part of the house while I was getting ready). While I was picking up, James yelled at me to come here. When I got back down to the living room, this is what I saw…


Silly monkeys. I don’t know if Tillie was just trying to aggravate her sister or if she wanted to cuddle. All I know is that Tensley wasn’t protesting. She must have been really tired.

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