October 23, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 23–Hangin’ On

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So I was up until 2am this morning…working. I’ve come to terms with the fact that’s the only time I’m really going to be able to get any good amount of work done. I’ve tried to work during nap time but they’ve been taking short naps lately so I’ve just been doing chores during that time instead.

Coffee is getting me through…for now.

Tensley acted like she felt a little better today. Her voice is coming back. She was busy, busy all day. She has started the throw herself down on the floor but gently putting her head to the floor fit throwing when she’s told no or gets something taken away from her. Occasionally, she will hit her head a little too hard.

Tillie was happy go lucky this morning. She hasn’t been able to climb like her sister but has now figured out how to stand on something to get onto something else.


Oy. Hold Me. I now have 2 climbers. Pretty sure the rambunctiousness in my girls is James’s fault. I was a little angel child. :)

After their nap, Miss Tillie was Miss Fussy. She’s been a little snotty but not bad…not like Tensley had been.

Mimi came over to watch them so I could run to the store. I’m usually too tired to go at night after we get the girls in bed so if I can, I try to go during the day. Normally, I would just take them with me but seeing as they’ve been a little under the weather, I didn’t want to drag them out.

While I was out I picked up some Little Remedies Honey Elixir (I learned about it from a twitter and IRL friend) and some Johnson & Johnson vapor bath (between that & the Vick’s vaporizer, our house reeks of menthol). I gave the girls a dose of the honey elixir and they got a warm bath with the vapor bath. I don’t know if they’re just getting better or if it worked but since we put them to bed we haven’t heard a single cough. Praise the Lord! AND! No one put up a fight at bed time tonight.

I might actually get to go to bed tonight rather than early tomorrow morning. (Knocking on wood. Knock, knock, knock, knock.)

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