October 22, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 22–Blah!

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There were no crazy antics by my toddlers today. Tensley woke up without a voice and Tillie seems to be getting what Tensley has.

There was a lot of laying around and a teeny bit of playing today yet momma had a huge toy explosion to clean up. How does that happen?!

Auntie Nurse Amanda came by to listen to Tensley’s lungs so I could determine if I needed to call the doc or not. She said they sounded clear so we’re good for now.


Poor baby. You can just see it in her eyes that she doesn’t feel good.

Both of their appetites seem to be affected by whatever they have so I’m at that point where I’ll let them eat whatever they want…which wasn’t much.

Tensley went right to sleep when we put them to bed. Tillie protested with several shrills so she got to stay up a little later. I finally got her down at 11:30.

I’m staying up to get some design work done. Hopefully, I’m not up too late.

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  1. Oh, those sick eyes are the worst. Hope she is feeling better!

  2. Oh no! Hope they both feel better soon!!


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