October 17, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 17-Hats and Pacis

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Today we had an outing with MiMi. Our stops? All the craft stores. Literally. We hit JoAnn’s, Michaels & Hobby Lobby.

Our JoAnn’s is in the mall so we of course had to have lunch at Chick-fil-A before we got our craft shoppin’ on. I actually like eating at Chick-fil-A in the mall because I can keep the girls in the stroller and don’t have to carry them and their gear into the restaurant. I just stick them in the double stroller and wheel them into the mall. Then, when we eat, I just hand them pieces of food. No mess all over them, the table and the floor.

Before we left the mall, I HAD to stop in The Children’s Place. I bought the girls their first pair of TCP Stretchies! I know, I know. They’re da bomb. So I’ve heard. They also had some cute hats that the girls tried on. I didn’t get a pic of Tensley in hers because she wouldn’t keep it on long enough. She kept taking it off, looking at it and putting it back on. LOL


JoAnn’s was our first stop. I was looking for fabric. No luck. The girls were pretty well behaved. Tensley took a little power nap in the stroller. Tillie started to get a little fussy so it was time to move on.

I took both girls to the car and loaded them up while my mom paid for her haul. When I went to put Tensley in the car, she didn’t have her paci (I know, I need to get rid of the paci’s…I’m waiting until Tillie is done with therapy and right now, I try to only let them have them for naps & bed time.) SHE. JUST. HAD IT! I called my mom to see if she’d run through the store to see if she could find it. No luck. Why oh why didn’t I grab a couple of paci clips?!

Our next stop was Michaels. Tillie fell asleep in the car so my mom went in while I stayed in the car with the girls. Thank goodness for dvd players for the car. Mickey Mouse kept Tensley busy while Tillie took her nap.

At one point, Tensley was getting a little fidgety and rubbing her eyes. I noticed that Tillie didn’t have her paci so I had this brilliant idea that I would sneak hers away and give it to Tensley. I moved my seat back and lifted the steering wheel so I could get my big booty turned around (I have an SUV but it ain’t that roomy. Just sayin). I gently felt around in Tillie’s car seat and found her paci. Score! I turned to give it to Tensley and low and behold, Tensley had her paci in her mouth!! Wha?! Where did that come from? Sneaky little toddlers.


The last stop was Hobby Lobby. I ended up getting fabric there. The girls, again, were well behaved…even with each of them only taking a 15 minute power nap! I really believe getting them out early on and getting them used to being in the stroller has helped. Plus, they’re girls and what girls don’t like to shop?!

We got home way past our normal dinner time so I traded with another day on our menu for something I could whip up pretty fast. We had dinner then James went to get my new medicine for my out of whack thyroid. Let’s hope it works quickly and I get my energy back soon. I struggled BAD today. Felt like I was walking through mud all day.

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  1. Toddlers are the SNEAKIEST! Good thing they are cute!


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