October 14, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 14-A Day of Rest

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This weekend has seriously been the most calm of any weekend I’ve had in a while. Today was so low key that I really don’t have anything to write about!

The girls played this morning, had breakfast, played and then napped.

While they napped, I got all my coupons clipped and filed, cleaned off my dining room table and started tackling the mountains of papers in the office. James ran errands.

When the girls woke up, they had a late lunch and then we played and after that they watched some cartoons.

We had frozen pizzas for dinner and the girls had baths and were in bed by 8:30. At last check, they were in the same position they were in when we put them down.

I don’t really have any pictures from today. I’m trying not to feel bad about it though because I really enjoyed our day together.

I’m thinking it was a gift from God because our up coming week is going to be a busy one.

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