October 13, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 13–Target and Starbucks

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Today was another somewhat easy day for this momma. I still had lots of work to do but thankfully, James was home and watched the girls most of the day.

I left pretty early this morning to finish the errands/grocery trip that I didn’t get a chance to do yesterday. And, as always, it rained/stormed. What is up with it raining and us having severe weather every time I run errands on a Saturday?!

Anyway, I had to go back to Target to exchange some pants I got for the girls. I actually wanted leggings but picked up a pair of yoga pants by mistake. Also, while I was at Target, I used my Target mobile coupon that I got that morning for my BOGO PSL!

Now I could have totally drank both of those but I was nice and shared with James. Wow, that’s like 2 PSL’s in one week for me, right? Oh well, I needed it.

While at my last stop, I got a text from James. The girls were still asleep 2 hours after he put them down. I, of course, didn’t worry because this is typical for them I just failed to let him know, I guess. :P Anyway, he sent me this pic…

How in the world is that even comfortable?! Also, still LOVING the nursery cam! Can I still call their room the nursery? When do you stop calling it that?

The girls woke up shortly after I got home but not before I got the groceries put up, thank goodness. Once they woke up, I gave them a little bit of attention and played with them and then I went back to work. I had bills to pay & some other computer work to do like finish one of the projects on my Project to do list.

I was able to work quite a while before I had to stop and cook dinner. After dinner we did baths and then the girls were pretty tired so they went to bed around 8:30. I wish they’d go to bed that early every night!

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