October 12, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 12–A Day at MiMi’s

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Today was a little uneventful. I spent most of the morning clipping coupons and rushing around to get my grocery list together so I could go grocery shopping. The girls, thankfully, for the most part, played and let me work.

When they went down for a nap, I hopped in the shower, got ready and loaded up all of our stuff. My mom was going to come over here to watch them but I ended up taking them to her so James and I could have a date night.

By the time I got the girls to my mom’s, I only had a couple of hours before I had to be home to meet James for our date night so I only got to run a couple of my errands. Since I was out and about and my mom had the girls, I didn’t take any pictures but my mom sent me a couple of picture updates.

10-12-12_Tillie Trike 10-12-12_TnT Flowers

They rode on the tricycle, blew bubbles and explored. Oh, and they ate lunch while watching Boz.

I finished up my errand (I was at Target…it wasn’t a quick errand) and then headed home to meet James. The movie started at 6:15 so we decided to have a snack and then have a late dinner after the movie. We saw, Trouble with the Curve. I thought it was a pretty good movie…except for a couple of parts that made me cry. I hate crying.

After the movie we went to one of our favorite restaurants. Nothing fancy but it had been a while since we had been there. We had pizza and French fries…something I had quite a bit of in college…which I’m sure contributed to the dreaded Freshman 15…but I only gained 10. LOL

10-12-12_Date Night

At dinner we were sitting next to a table that had a little girl that reminded us a lot of Tillie. It made us miss the girls so we hurried up, finished dinner and went to get them. My mom had tried to put them down at 7pm but it didn’t last long so they were up pretty late…which was good because James hadn’t seen them all day.

They fell asleep on the way home and we took them straight to bed. Not too long after that, we crashed into our own bed. I think the week had caught up to all of us.

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