October 11, 2012

31 Days in the Life of a Twin Mom: Day 11-Survival of the Fittest

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Today started out good. My coffee date kind of messed with my sleep but I was still able to get up early enough to get us all ready for a story time play date at the library.

I think the girls really enjoyed story time. They’re to the point where they really like to be around other kids. For the most part, Tensley roamed and Tillie stayed near me. Tillie also enjoyed the songs and they both LOVED the bubbles (definitely adding those to my “survive the toddlers” arsenal).

Our day kind of went downhill from here. When we got in the car I handed the girls their sippy cups. I think Tensley got excited and yanked her cup out of my hands and knocked herself right in the mouth causing a red mark on the outside of her lip and then cut the inside of her lip. I didn’t think it would ever start bleeding! I finally got her settled down and we left.

I felt so bad, I told them I’d go get them some Chick-fil-A nuggets. They LOVE CFA nuggets. So we went through the drive thru, headed home and then had lunch.

After lunch I put them down for a nap. Nap time went much like yesterday only they both actually fell asleep. They slept about 2-2.5 hours.

When they got up they had a snack and played for a while. I moved the gates around to where they had free reign of the kitchen and kept the dining room blocked off. While they enjoyed this immensely (they could actually be near momma…you know, since I live in the kitchen). This turned out to be a huge mistake.

They were actually pretty good until James got home. Then, pardon me, but all hell broke loose. Suddenly, Tensley is climbing (she hadn’t really climbed all day) and Tillie is fascinated with the dog’s water bowl. I lost count of how many times we said, “NO!” tonight. Tensley ended up falling off of the chair…on her head. Then she decided to join Tillie in the dog water splashing. The dog bowls got moved and before we knew it, Tensley stepped into the kitchen, on the wet tile and did a face plant. I’m pretty sure she hit her already busted lip and she has a nice little bump on her head.

At this point, I needed a time out. Poor James was probably like, “wha?!” as I stomped out of the room yelling, “I need to go breathe!”

Once I was able to recompose myself, I decided it was bath time. When I got back down to the living room, James had re-claimed the kitchen as the adult space. I’m ok with this…it was too early to expand their territory. I know that now. Lesson learned.

So today started out good and ended not so good. The important thing is that this mom of twins survived.

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  1. This sounds just llike our days! We have 15 month old twin boys. Most days I cannot wait until their naptime! They sure do keep our hands full! (Doesn't it make you giggle when moms of one complain about how tired and busy they are?)
    From one twin mom to another, Good Luck and God Bless.


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