September 5, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

It’s been an interesting week around here so far.

Tillie is doing great now that her helmet is off. She really wasn’t much of a fussy baby before but now she is happy almost all the time and has become so loveable toward her sister.

We lost Tensley’s toothbrush last night. It was a very scary few hours minutes. The story deserves it’s own post so I’ll be posting about it later this week.

I made a grocery/coupon run last night. I think it was by best trip to date. $2.83-Shopping-Trip

I’m so ready for cooler weather. I’m ready to wear more bulky clothes to cover my post-twin flabby belly. I squeeze myself into Spanx tank tops now but it’s just too hot outside to have to wear layers…especially layers that don’t breathe. Well that was more than I cared to share. Haha!

Tillie has PT tomorrow. I’m kind of dreading it since we decided to start getting more aggressive with her stretches. It would be nice (although I’m not holding out high hopes) if now that she’s out of her helmet and a happier baby toddler that she won’t fight as much and scream & cry less. I know, wishful thinking.

I have a thrifting trip in a couple of weeks with my BFF. I’m so excited about this. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration.

There have been so many pregnancy announcements on Twitter in the last week. Two years ago this would have made me very sad but now I have my girls and I am genuinely excited for all the mommas that have made their announcements. Also, I think my Twitter stream is going to be dead next March.

In reference to the above…can we say, “HELLO BABY FEVER!”

Sounds like the girls are awake. Time to do lunch and see if we can get out of the house. Right now I’m not feeling it so much.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. That picture of them is so sweet! I am ready for some fall clothing too. I just feel more comfortable in a cute sweater and boots over dresses or shorts. :)


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