September 13, 2012

TnT’s Play Space

I’m linking up today over at For Mom’s by Mom’s. This month’s topic is Play Rooms & Spaces.

We don’t have a play room per say but we do have an area off of our living room that was intended for a 2nd dining or an extension of the living room. Before kids, we initially used it as a “breakfast area” and then had debated using it as a sitting area but never really got to that. Now, it houses all the toys for the girls. I’ve been researching ideas to completely transform it into a play space. I want it to be a fun space for them yet still go along with the rest of our décor since it is very visible from the living room.


Those doors go out into the back door. Now that it’s been a little cooler, especially in the mornings, I will open it and close the screen door. The girls will sit in front of the door and play all day. They love outside.

This is the east wall. I want to do something completely different on this wall. I’m just not sure what yet. I’d really like to move the bookshelves out but I don’t really have a place to put them and I really don’t want to get rid of them.

This is the west wall. Almost all of their toys are in those canvas bins…and then there’s the toys that you can see. Having storage to hide those when the girls aren’t playing is my next goal.


I like having this little corner as a reading nook but due to the fact Tensley keeps standing in the chairs, we’ve had to remove them from the area. We’re working on “sit on your bottom!” and as soon as we get that down, the chairs will go back in.


These are some printables that I designed. I’m also working on numbers and shapes. I hope to have them available to everyone soon.


I’ve had to put some of the more fragile books out of reach.


Thankfully, we haven’t acquired too many stuffed animals. And can I just say that I love that our back door is metal?! Having the refrigerator alphabet thingy on the refrigerator was driving me crazy. The girls like to just swipe the letters off into the floor and I got tired of picking them up every time  I went into the kitchen so I moved it all to the back door.

I’d love to see your play rooms & spaces so head on over and link up!

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  1. Great space! It is tricky mixing living room + play. Our current house they have both been in one room. I like the freedom for him to play, but also for the room to feel more "grown up" at other times. A tricky balance! I use some of those canvas bins, an old milk crate under an end table and a storage ottoman to help hide a lot of it. And, just remembered seeing your printables, I need to redeem my gift credit. Adding to my "to do" after we've moved into our new house in a couple of weeks. :)


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