September 1, 2012

Tillie’s Announcement

Tillie Helmet Grad

For the last few days, Tillie had been fussy and had been trying to run from us at night when we had to put her helmet back on after bath time. She was getting over her attachment to the helmet, I think. She was done.

I’ve been done with it for a while.

Yesterday Tillie woke up in a great mood (she must have known how her day was going to go). In the afternoon she had a final scan of her head to see how much longer she would be in her helmet. I had prepared myself for at least another 3 weeks but to my surprise, she was in a range that made us comfortable with letting her be done!

I was told we could try to go longer to see if she would improve more but the changes would probably come a lot slower since her growth is slowing down. Also, any more changes would probably not be much more noticeable than where she is at now.

After it was decided that she was done, I patted her head and said, “All done! No more helmet!”

She grinned and hasn’t even looked at the helmet since.

I think I am more excited than she is about being done.

I can now cuddle with her without getting a crick in my neck from trying to move my head out of the way of the helmet.

I get to see her beautiful strawberry blonde hair every day and fix it rather than pulling it up in a pigtail at the top of her head.

Her head and hair no longer smell like sweaty feet.

I get to kiss her forehead and her cheeks. (She’s had LOTS of kisses in the last 24 hours).

I no longer have to worry about getting whacked in the nose with that stupid thing! (In case you missed it last week, I was laying in the floor and Tillie was holding the helmet over her head walking toward me and tripped and fell hitting me smack in the nose with it. I’m pretty sure it broke my nose…it’s still a little sore 3 days later!)

We are still doing PT because she still has a slight rotation with her torticollis but we made the decision to get a little more aggressive with her therapy. Pray for me because it involves holding her down and listening to her scream & cry while the therapist does her stretches. It doesn’t hurt her, she just doesn’t want to do it. She’s over it like she was with the helmet.

There is lots more going on with TnT so there will be an update soon!

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