September 27, 2012

Motivation and Staying Focused

These are two things that I struggle with. Sometimes I wonder if I have a touch of ADD…I get bored easily. I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog to “The doer of everything and master of nothing” but it feels a bit too negative. Haha!

I have so many things I want to do like organize drawers and clean the nooks and crannies in my house but I often find myself lacking the motivation (and the energy) to get off my rear and do them.

I also have a problem with starting….and finishing projects. I get distracted so easily. I mean, I can go to the bathroom in the middle of a project, notice that the counter is dirty, then I end up cleaning the bathroom. Never mind that I was in the middle of emptying out the bookshelves in the play room and came back to the playroom where stacks of books, toys and nick knacks were everywhere. (Just so you know, about 10 random topics popped into my head while writing this paragraph. I really wanted to stop and write them down but I fought the urge…and now I’ve forgotten them.)

Right now I’m looking at a stack of scrapbooks, from that project, sitting in one of our dining room chairs. I never found a new home for them.

I’ve tried all kinds of efficiency tricks.

I’ve made lists. They don’t work if you never look at them.

I’ve tried making a daily and weekly schedule of things to accomplish. I seem to be no good at following a schedule.

I’ve used a timer. This has probably worked the best for me but I use the timer on my phone and have recently started cheating by using the Pause button. So let’s throw that idea out the window.

Maybe I should use all of the above in the same day…or chose one method for each day to change things up. I don’t know, anyone have any suggestions? I’m struggling over here!

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  1. lol... this is me some days.

    I swear, runners & music do wonders for me.

  2. You and I are like meant to be BFF in this department. Seriously. I start SO many things and finish NONE of them. All the time. Drives my husband insane.


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