September 27, 2012

Motivation and Staying Focused

These are two things that I struggle with. Sometimes I wonder if I have a touch of ADD…I get bored easily. I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog to “The doer of everything and master of nothing” but it feels a bit too negative. Haha!

I have so many things I want to do like organize drawers and clean the nooks and crannies in my house but I often find myself lacking the motivation (and the energy) to get off my rear and do them.

I also have a problem with starting….and finishing projects. I get distracted so easily. I mean, I can go to the bathroom in the middle of a project, notice that the counter is dirty, then I end up cleaning the bathroom. Never mind that I was in the middle of emptying out the bookshelves in the play room and came back to the playroom where stacks of books, toys and nick knacks were everywhere. (Just so you know, about 10 random topics popped into my head while writing this paragraph. I really wanted to stop and write them down but I fought the urge…and now I’ve forgotten them.)

Right now I’m looking at a stack of scrapbooks, from that project, sitting in one of our dining room chairs. I never found a new home for them.

I’ve tried all kinds of efficiency tricks.

I’ve made lists. They don’t work if you never look at them.

I’ve tried making a daily and weekly schedule of things to accomplish. I seem to be no good at following a schedule.

I’ve used a timer. This has probably worked the best for me but I use the timer on my phone and have recently started cheating by using the Pause button. So let’s throw that idea out the window.

Maybe I should use all of the above in the same day…or chose one method for each day to change things up. I don’t know, anyone have any suggestions? I’m struggling over here!

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September 26, 2012

Random Wednesday

I haven’t done a random post in a couple of weeks.

We’ve had a pretty good day so far. We had breakfast, cartoons, play time…which led to baths and down for naps by 12:30. While the girls were napping, I did some tidying up. The house looks so much better now that there aren’t toys scattered everywhere.

I worked out on Monday…like a real workout other than yoga. The only thing that is sore are my calves but they are SO sore that I haven’t been able to workout since. Workout Fail.

I’ve had a very strong urge to start organizing things but can’t seem to find the motivation to actually do it. I did buy a few baskets with handles yesterday to organize our freezer out in the garage. It’s not really picture worthy but it does look better.

Our Aldi has their avocados on sale for $0.25. I might stock up and freeze some. If you have an Aldi in your area and have never been, I highly recommend you go check it out. They have great deals on produce and I have recently started buying some of my dry goods there like flour, sugar, salt, etc. It’s definitely less expensive than most other grocery stores.

Did you know you can freeze avocados? Yep, just cut in half, take out the pit, wrap in saran wrap and place in a freezer bag (I think I saw that on Pinterest somewhere).

I made BBQ Chicken in the oven last night because I waited too long to make it in the crockpot. I’ll never bake chicken again. It just doesn’t come out as tender and juicy as when you make it in the crock pot.

I’m really enjoying my simpler meal plan this week. I think this may be our new way of life for a while. It’s cheaper too.

My mom watched the girls for a little while yesterday so I could get some work done. I think I’ll do another post to showcase the stuff I’ve added recently.

And just because this picture makes me laugh (I’ve imagined so many captions about this picture).
photo (11)


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September 25, 2012

In the Desert

I just wanted to share something I came across the other day.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we have all gone through trials and tribulations in life. And during those times it can often feel lonely…like your stuck in the desert. These words really stood out for me and I felt like I just had to share them.

"Do not forget: in the desert David wrote the most beautiful psalms. In the desert are so many lessons, that you can transform your desert in a place full of springs. We are there because of Him, but we are not alone. I prefer to be in desert with God, rather than outside without Him. There in desert he wants to show me how great He is".

Wow. Just wow. This is so true and after dealing with infertility for 7 years, I can personally attest to it. I had never felt so close to God as I did during that time. He taught me so many things about Him as well as about myself.

So if you feel like you’re in the desert right now, know that you are not alone and that you can lean on Him. Also, blessings DO come out of hardship. My girls are living proof of that.

photo (9)

September 24, 2012

Menu Monday: Week 10 & Some Other Stuff

Happy Monday! Notice anything different?

I might be kind of a spaz when it comes to the design of my blog. I just like change though and thought it needed a new look for Fall {Be prepared to see a new look come Christmas time ;) } I probably should just pay someone to do it for me because I’m not very good at the coding part but I’d go broke having to pay someone to change it all the time, LOL. I just hope my constant change doesn’t scare off those of you who actually read this little blog.


I’m still feeling the sting from last week’s grocery trip (I’m tired of spending all our money on food!) so our meals this week are going to be a little more simple around here. I also think Pinterest might be to blame some too. Sorry if this week’s menu seems a little boring.

  • Monday – Taco Salad
  • Tuesday – Crock Pot BBQ Chicken / Sweet Potato Fries* / Corn
  • Wednesday – Dirty Rice Skillet / Garlic Toast
  • Thursday – White Chicken Chili
  • Friday – Hot Dogs / Chips
  • Saturday – Chicken Pot Pie
  • Sunday – Beef Enchiladas** / Black Beans* / Spanish Rice / Queso

*I had some sweet potatoes that I was afraid were going to go bad soon so I cut them up into French fry size and froze them. I’m also using the black beans that I make in bulk and freeze.

**When I made beef enchiladas last week, I made a double batch so I could freeze some for a later meal.


I’m linking up again with ILYMTC this week for Project Pinterest and since I seem to never leave the kitchen, it’s another recipe pin.

So I might be a little addicted to iced coffee…specifically of the International Delight variety. However, at $3.50 for a half gallon times 2-3 half gallons per week, my grocery money was taking a serious hit…especially when I ran out of coupons! So, I had pinned this recipe a few months ago and decided this was the time to try it out.

First you fill a large bowl with a gallon of water (so glad I had this huge Tupperware bowl) and dump in a bag of your favorite ground coffee stirring to make sure all of the grounds are wet. Then let it sit 12 hours or overnight (I let mine sit overnight).

photo 1 (5)

Looks a little like brownie dough, huh? Trust me though, you DO NOT want to eat it.

The next step was the most tedious. I took a gallon pitcher, set a fine mesh strainer on top and placed a coffee filter inside the strainer (all we had were cone filters but I would suggest the old fashion bowl shaped filters). Then you either pour or ladle the “coffee mud” into the coffee filter.

photo 2 (5)

It took about an hour to do this. I would fill the coffee filter almost to the top and then cleaned the kitchen while I waited for it to filter. I went through 4 filters for this process.

photo 3 (5)

I didn’t get a full gallon but I’ve been drinking on it for a week and still have quite a bit left.

Ok, now for the creamy part of the iced coffee. The recipe called for 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 can of evaporated milk. When you go to make your coffee, you pour half a glass of the coffee and then half with the cream.

The cream was way to sweet for me so I ended up doing a half glass of coffee (over ice, of course), a shot of the “sweet cream” and then filled up the rest of my glass with skim milk. Not only did this ease the sweetness for me but it reduced the calories some too!

photo 4

During the process I swore I’d never do this again but I might be having second thoughts now that I have gotten the ratios just right for my taste.

September 20, 2012

Why Am I Not Skinny?!

It’s been over a year since I had the girls and I still have weight to lose. Not a lot really. I’m about 5 lbs away from my weight pre-twins but I’d actually like to be about 10 lbs lighter than that.

I tried exercising in the beginning…

After I was cleared at my 6 week checkup, I decided to try P90 with James. That was a funny site that I am glad no one else saw. It was a disaster. Having to hold on to parts of your body in fear that they might hurt other parts while exercising is not a good thing. And I’m not talking about the chest area. Needless to say, that only lasted a week.

A few months later, more weight came off and some of the flub became more manageable…enough to squeeze into my Spanx.

I guess what I really need is just to tone up.

Let’s discuss my trouble spot for a minute, shall we? I’ll give you one guess as to what it is…it’s the belly area, of course. I mean, I’ve always had a little pudge around my middle but this isn’t so little. It’s annoying. You know how you think something is annoying and over time you look back and think, well that wasn’t so bad back then. This is that! It’s basically the only thing that has hung around post-pregnancy. Pun intended.

I have yet to find time to get in a real workout. As you will see, my days are pretty full.

I know what I need to do but let’s discuss what I already do.

Yoga - Pregnancy does a number on your body but do you have any idea what carrying 2 babies does to it? Yeah, I didn’t either. I feel like I went from a twenty-something body to an eighty year old body. I get so stiff if I sit for too long and my back? Oh my aching back! See? Eighty year old. Anyway, I’ve been trying to do 30 minutes of yoga every morning. It helps but if I miss a couple of days I go from feeling like an almost thirty-something back to the eighty year old. I’ve been a little afraid to do a real workout because of this. What if I hurt something?

Walking – I bet I take 10,000 steps a day and that’s without leaving my house! No, I don’t have a big house. Those steps are taken while fetching things for twinsies. And now that they’re mobile, chasing them down to keep them out of trouble (I see adding running to my um, daily workout in my near future). Also, walking down the hall several times a day to take the girls to their room for diaper changes or naps.

Arm Workout – Apparently, I don’t have the smallest baby toddlers. When they were in carriers, I would carry both of them, one on each arm. And then there was the hoisting them in and out of the car. THAT was a workout (and still is)! Now that they’re older and weigh a lot more (Tillie is between 22-25 and Tensley is between 25-30 lbs) the lifting and carrying and swinging and tossing them into the air really should give me a good arm (and back) workout , right?

Leg Workout – I can’t even tell you the number of squats I do each day to pick things up off the floor (squatting is better for your back, right?). Several times a day while carrying a 25 lb child I have to squat down and snatch up the paci (or some other item that said child has spitefully tossed onto the floor) that’s on the floor. And let’s not forget the million leg lifts I have to do to get over the barricades that we have set up in the living room (for their safety…and my sanity) to fetch things for the girls…and to refill my iced coffee. ;) Oh, and then there’s the thing we do where I sit on the floor with my legs straight out and the girls sit on them, one on my thighs and one on my shins, and I “bounce” them.

Cardio – Did I mention that I have twins…TWO mobile toddlers? Did I also mention the fetching and the swinging and the tossing and the chasing? I’m pretty sure we can also include the cleaning in here. In order to get any cleaning done you have to move pretty fast. Vacuuming and sometimes mopping several times a day is pretty good cardio.

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out but doesn’t this sound like a pretty good daily workout?

So why am I not skinny already?! (I see a possible tummy tuck in my future.)

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September 17, 2012

Menu Monday: Week 9


I’m linking up with ILYMTC for her Project Pinterest link up this week!

Last week one of my meals was Tuna Casserole. I haven’t made a Tuna Casserole in years because the last time I made it, it was just too bland. I saw a recipe on Skinny Taste that sounded pretty good so I planned on making that version but I got lazy and wanted an easy way out so I came up with my own version and I have to say, it turned out pretty darn good. I’ll definitely be making this one again.

Hmmm…I wonder if it counts that this was inspired by a pin but is not the actual pin. Oh well, maybe she’ll forgive me if not. ;)

Not So Skinny Cheesy Tuna Casserole

  • 1 box Velveeta Shells & Cheese
  • 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • 2 Cans Tuna in water (drained)
  • 1 cup Frozen Peas
  • 1 cup Shredded Colby Jack Cheese
  • 2 Tbsp Shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • 2 Tbsp Panko Bread Crumbs

Prepare Shells & Cheese as directed. Stir in soup, tuna, peas and cheese making sure to blend well into the macaroni & cheese. Dump into a casserole dish. Top with Parmesan and bread crumbs. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

Ok, now on to this week’s menu (I’m making this up as I type by the way. I’m such a slacker lately)

Meal Plan:  Week 9

  • Monday – Chicken Fried Quinoa
  • TuesdayBeef Carnitas Tacos (I’m bringing Taco Tuesday back in the Mills Casa!)
  • Wednesday – Teriyaki Chicken / Fried Rice leftovers (hopefully)
  • Thursday – Lasagna / Green Beans / Garlic Toast
  • Friday – Pizza Night!
  • Saturday – Frito Chili Pie
  • Sunday – Fried Potato Skillet with Sausage, Peppers & Onions

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September 14, 2012

It’s My Turn Over at Multi-Mommas

Happy Friday!

It’s my turn to post over at Multi-Mommas so head on over and see my funny post about twin relationships.

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September 13, 2012

TnT’s Play Space

I’m linking up today over at For Mom’s by Mom’s. This month’s topic is Play Rooms & Spaces.

We don’t have a play room per say but we do have an area off of our living room that was intended for a 2nd dining or an extension of the living room. Before kids, we initially used it as a “breakfast area” and then had debated using it as a sitting area but never really got to that. Now, it houses all the toys for the girls. I’ve been researching ideas to completely transform it into a play space. I want it to be a fun space for them yet still go along with the rest of our d├ęcor since it is very visible from the living room.


Those doors go out into the back door. Now that it’s been a little cooler, especially in the mornings, I will open it and close the screen door. The girls will sit in front of the door and play all day. They love outside.

This is the east wall. I want to do something completely different on this wall. I’m just not sure what yet. I’d really like to move the bookshelves out but I don’t really have a place to put them and I really don’t want to get rid of them.

This is the west wall. Almost all of their toys are in those canvas bins…and then there’s the toys that you can see. Having storage to hide those when the girls aren’t playing is my next goal.


I like having this little corner as a reading nook but due to the fact Tensley keeps standing in the chairs, we’ve had to remove them from the area. We’re working on “sit on your bottom!” and as soon as we get that down, the chairs will go back in.


These are some printables that I designed. I’m also working on numbers and shapes. I hope to have them available to everyone soon.


I’ve had to put some of the more fragile books out of reach.


Thankfully, we haven’t acquired too many stuffed animals. And can I just say that I love that our back door is metal?! Having the refrigerator alphabet thingy on the refrigerator was driving me crazy. The girls like to just swipe the letters off into the floor and I got tired of picking them up every time  I went into the kitchen so I moved it all to the back door.

I’d love to see your play rooms & spaces so head on over and link up!

Multi Mommas

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September 12, 2012

Create Your Own Wonderland

Remember like 2 months ago when I promised more pics of the girls 1st birthday? Yeah, I dropped the ball on that one. Better late than never, right?

I had been putting off this post because I wanted to have all the printables ready for the shop before I posted here. It took me a while but I finally finished everything! (P.S. The printables are no longer listed in my shop.)

Please note that the printables for the shop vary slightly from what I used for the party. The set is actually better than what I used (in my opinion)! ;)

Here is what I used for the party…


 These printables are no longer listed in my shop but if you are interested in the Onederland/Wonderland printables, feel free to email me or contact me through my Etsy shop.


September 11, 2012

Tutorial: Comment Notifications

Before I start, I just want to thank you for all the kind words on yesterday’s post. I hate that we go through periods like this but it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

Ok, now on to the tutorial…

I get a lot of comments that I really want to respond to but I find all too often that the commenter doesn’t have an email address tied to their account. I just wanted to share with you how to tie an email address to your comments.

To have an email address tied to your account and published when commenting on blogs, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to your Blogger dashboard and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Blogger Profile 1

Step 2:  Click on Blogger Profile

Blogger Profile 2

Step 3:  Click on Edit Profile

Edit Profile

Step 4: Check the box that says ‘Show my email address’. If this box is checked but it doesn’t show an email address, continue to step 5. Otherwise skip to step 6.

Show email check box

Step 5:  To make sure you have an email address tied to your account, scroll down a little in your profile to Identity. In the Email Address field, enter your email address.

Email Address

Step 6:  To save these changes, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Save Profile’.

Save Changes

If you don’t want to publish your email address (and I totally get that), but you want to be notified of any replies, you can subscribe to the comment thread for the particular post.

Subscribe to Comments

The only downside to this is that I think you’ll get an email anytime anyone comments on this post. I don’t get a slew of comments currently, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

And there you have it! My very first tutorial! I hope I did ok and everything is easy to understand. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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September 10, 2012

Menu Monday: Week 8

Two posts in one day. This is big for me. I have a lot to say this week so keep those coffee cups filled. :)

You’re going to see some of the same things from last week. I’ve been getting really bad about not sticking to the plan. I get too ambitious sometimes. I also decided to start planning breakfast and lunch. I find myself scrambling to find something for the girls all too often lately.

Ok, here we go:

  • Sunday:  Meatloaf / Garlic Mashed Potatoes* / Peas
  • Monday:
    • Breakfast: French Toast (made a batch yesterday and froze)
    • Lunch:  Ravioli / Fruit Cup 
    • Dinner:  Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken (in the crock pot) / broccoli-cauliflower-carrot medley
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast:  Rice cereal w/brown sugar / Toast
    • Lunch:  PB&J / Bananas
    • Dinner:  Tuna Casserole / Peas
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast:  Waffles w/Peanut Butter
    • Lunch:  Turkey & Cheese Quesadilla / Carrots
    • Dinner:  Beef Enchiladas / Refried Beans / Spanish Rice
  • Thursday:
    • Breakfast:  Nutri-Grain Bar
    • Lunch:  Chicken Nuggets / Peas&Carrots
    • Dinner:  Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli
  • Friday:
    • Breakfast:  French Toast / Fruit Cup
    • Lunch:  Noodles with Italian dressing / Cheese / Peas
    • Dinner:  Homemade Pizza / MacNCheese
  • Saturday:  Leftovers

Garlic Mashed Potatoes


  • 4 Potatoes sliced or diced
  • 2 Tbsp Unsalted Butter
  • 2 Tbsp Sour Cream
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder or 1 garlic clove, minced (2 tsp or cloves if you like lots of garlic)
  • Salt & Pepper

In pot of water, boil potatoes until soft. Drain and transfer to mixing bowl.

Add remaining ingredients and blend with mixer on med-high until smooth. Add splashes of milk and dashes of salt if needed.

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Here We Go Again

It all started last Thursday evening when I went to the store. We needed milk for the girls and then I decided not to cook so I had to pick up dinner too.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, I started thinking about how it felt like the only time I ever got to leave the house was to buy food or go to doctor’s appointments for the girls or physical therapy appointments for Tillie.

Then I started feeling overwhelmed and started to feel sorry for myself. I’m tired of food & being in the kitchen. I’m tired of menu planning and bill paying and home organizing and cleaning. I was in a bad mood the rest of the night.

I woke up Friday a little better but those thoughts were still on my mind. I woke earlier than I have lately. I grabbed my phone and read a chapter of Proverbs from my She Reads Truth devotional (I’m way behind right now…like 2 weeks behind). Then I just continued to lay in bed. I started to think about the things I needed and wanted to get done then God whispered to me, “Get up and go do your Yoga!” I didn’t move. I kept making my mental to-do list.

Then it felt like he shouted at me, “Go do Yoga!”

“Alright, I’m getting up! I hastily replied.

I got up. I did yoga. Bad attitude still there. I continued my pity party through the day and even cried a couple of times. Little things kept happening that would just irritate me. You know, tiny things like stubbing your toe. I HATE feeling like this.

Friday night after the girls went to bed I took a shower then told James that I just wanted to lay in bed, watch TV, read blogs, work on designs. So I headed to bed and started reading some blogs.

Wow. Did you know God could speak to you through blogs? Actually, He speaks to you wherever you are. You just have to listen.

Blog post after blog post seemed to be just what I needed to hear. It was crazy! I mean, did all these bloggers get together and all decide to write about the same thing?!

So God is working on my heart. He’s working on me about complaining. You see, I seem to be a complainer by nature and I anger easily when things don’t always go my way (I’m a Type B with Type A tendencies). I blame the red hair. The thing is, I HATE this about me. I really do.

So I’m learning and working on myself. I’m working on letting things go…to not let things get the best of me. I’m working on taming my tongue….on complaining out loud. I need to learn to complain to Him and not to those around me. Only He can fix me.

I woke up Saturday in a MUCH better mood. All I needed was time with God and time for myself. It’s hard being a mom and wife and the CEO/CFO/COO/Cook/Janitor/Director of Activities of Mills, Inc. But it’s my job. A job I love. It’s just sometimes, like anyone who works outside the home, I just need a break from it all (a vacation would be nice but a break here and there would suffice).

No more 2 week breaks from my quiet time with God and Yoga. ;)

Some verses that stood out to me this in the last couple of days…

Blows and wounds cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being.

Proverbs 20.30

See! Bad days have a purpose. I hate getting beat up but sometimes I need a good whooping to get me back on track.

He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity

Proverbs 21.31

My complaining really just makes things worse…for myself and those around me. I don’t like the fact that my tongue can cause calamity. I want people to like me and complaining is NOT the way to accomplish that.

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn his ways and get yourself ensnared.

Proverbs 22.24

Wow, when I noted this during my quiet time, I was thinking of social media and how I have come across several people who are “hot-tempered” and how it’s brought me down a bit and that I need to remove these people from my stream but man, God just smacked me upside my head again.

I am also this person. I have hot-tempered tendencies (again, I blame the red hair…I color it but it doesn’t seem to matter, ha!) Again, I need to tame my tongue. I enjoy having friends. I don’t want to scare them all away. Ugh. Ok God, I hear you loud and clear.

So here we go again. I have fallen and I’m leaning on God as he picks me up and dusts me off.

I am a work in progress.

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September 6, 2012

The Toothbrush Story

Ok, so if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this tweet on Tuesday night:


Part of our bedtime routine is of course, brushing the girls teeth. Then we let them “brush” their own teeth for a bit before we take the toothbrushes away.

Well, in a span of about 5 minutes, Tensley’s toothbrush went missing. We didn’t think anything about it and went ahead and took the girls to bed. Then the search for the toothbrush began. We searched and we searched. Nothing. Where in the world was this toothbrush?

After several minutes of searching both James and I started to panic. She really didn’t swallow it, did she? There’s no way that could have possibly happened and even if it did we would have known! We searched. Nothing.

We tore the living room apart, looked under and in the couch, chair, love seat. Nothing. I went through all of their toys and the toy bins. Nothing.

We looked in the bathroom and in the trashes. Nothing. We got the girls out of bed and tore their room apart. Nothing. We looked in the jammies they were wearing and their diapers. Nothing.

Panic set in even more and I started getting sick at my stomach. Someone swallowed this toothbrush and was going to end up getting an x-ray or something to find it! Where else could it be?! (Yes, I know how unreasonable that sounds now.)

We took the girls back to bed and we just looked at each other and trying to retrace. I mean, she only had the toothbrush for 5 minutes! Where in the world could she have possibly put it?!

I stood there thinking, they like to put stuff in their toys but I’ve looked through all of their toys. Then it dawned on me.


I told James to find a flash light. From what I could tell there seemed to be a silhouette of a toothbrush in there but I didn’t want to get my hopes up! He finally located a flashlight.

Yep, that little stinker had dropped in down into that little hole. We just started laughing.


I, of course, had to grab my camera to document this horrific yet hilarious story.

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September 5, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

It’s been an interesting week around here so far.

Tillie is doing great now that her helmet is off. She really wasn’t much of a fussy baby before but now she is happy almost all the time and has become so loveable toward her sister.

We lost Tensley’s toothbrush last night. It was a very scary few hours minutes. The story deserves it’s own post so I’ll be posting about it later this week.

I made a grocery/coupon run last night. I think it was by best trip to date. $2.83-Shopping-Trip

I’m so ready for cooler weather. I’m ready to wear more bulky clothes to cover my post-twin flabby belly. I squeeze myself into Spanx tank tops now but it’s just too hot outside to have to wear layers…especially layers that don’t breathe. Well that was more than I cared to share. Haha!

Tillie has PT tomorrow. I’m kind of dreading it since we decided to start getting more aggressive with her stretches. It would be nice (although I’m not holding out high hopes) if now that she’s out of her helmet and a happier baby toddler that she won’t fight as much and scream & cry less. I know, wishful thinking.

I have a thrifting trip in a couple of weeks with my BFF. I’m so excited about this. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration.

There have been so many pregnancy announcements on Twitter in the last week. Two years ago this would have made me very sad but now I have my girls and I am genuinely excited for all the mommas that have made their announcements. Also, I think my Twitter stream is going to be dead next March.

In reference to the above…can we say, “HELLO BABY FEVER!”

Sounds like the girls are awake. Time to do lunch and see if we can get out of the house. Right now I’m not feeling it so much.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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September 4, 2012

Menu Monday: Week 7

Yes, I know it’s not Monday. The long weekend got me all messed up. I was a little uninspired for this week’s menu. Last week wasn’t good either…I strayed from the menu quite a bit actually.

To help my meal planning burn out, I tried to plan some easier meals and I’m going to be cooking most of them in the crock pot.

photo (9)

I have this 3 crockpot set up that I got from my grandmother one Christmas. I haven’t used it until the past weekend for a cookout that we hosted and I loved it! I started thinking of all kinds of ways to use it. For example, I can cook an entire meal in these 3 crock pots!

  • Monday – Dirty Rice Skillet
  • TuesdayCrockpot BBQ Chicken / Baked Beans / Sweet Potatoes
  • Wednesday – Meatloaf / Mashed Potatoes / Baked Beans
  • Thursday – Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken / Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot Medley
  • Friday – Homemade Pizza
  • Saturday – Taco Soup / Cheese Quesadillas
  • Sunday – Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

We’re having baked beans 2 nights in a row because we had leftovers from our cookout. I could freeze them but they went along with the meals I was planning anyway so why not?

I’m going to attempt to do Wednesday’s meal in that nifty crock pot. I’ve never cooked meatloaf in one but surely it will work, right?

I’m also in the kitchen today making granola bars, and dinner rolls & pancakes to freeze.

What are you making this week?

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