August 8, 2012


*I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! I guess I kind of lost a day yesterday due to the fact that I didn’t go to sleep until 6am yesterday thanks to Miss Tillie who decided it was time to party as soon as my head hit the pillow Monday night. Sleep deprivation is real y’all!

*I’ve been on a mission to get us on a budget. I’ve been trying to cut costs and save money but we’ve never really stuck to a budget all that well. Anyone have any good resources? Other than Dave Ramsey because we’ve been there done that.

*The girls turned 13 months yesterday. What?! I still haven’t done their 1 year update. (adding that to my to do list for tomorrow).

*When I got up this morning it was 75 degrees outside so I decided I would load up the girls and to to the park to walk. By the time I got to the park it was 79 degrees but I thought, “ok, still not bad”. WRONG! I was DYING by the end of that 1.5 mile track! There was absolutely no breeze. It was just too hot. I’ll try again when it’s in the 60’s.

*I get to see my BFF two days in a row starting tomorrow! She lives like 20 minutes from me but I haven’t seen her since May. Sad, I know.

*I wish you could pin pictures on Instagram. Can you?

*I’ve been doing yoga for 3 weeks now. I haven’t really lost much weight but I can tell I’ve had a little bit of change in my body. When I get my flexibility back, I plan on starting some cardio and/or strength training. I just can’t believe how out of shape my body is…especially since having the girls….THAT really did a number on my body.

*I can’t stop thinking about these cookies over at DutchessofFork. I may have to make them soon. She also posted a picture of Frito Salad that I am craving so that may be lunch tomorrow.

*I think I’m finally caught up on design orders. I have one in the works so if you’re having a party any time soon and want some printable goodies, let me know!

*Tomorrow is a new link up over at Multi Mommas. This week’s topic is your top 5 favorite pictures of your multiples. Can’t wait to see all the cuties!

Hope you all had a good hump day! Only 2 more days until the weekend!

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