August 12, 2012

Poor Me or Whatever

Does this happen to anyone else or just me?

I started my day at 7am when everyone else was asleep. I had my quiet time, I picked up the girls’ play area, cleaned the kitchen and swept & mopped the floors in the kitchen, laundry room and mud room/home office and started some laundry. I even had breakfast in the oven.

Then. Everyone woke up.

Suddenly, my sink was full of dishes and breakfast and splatters of milk were all over the kitchen floor. Then after that, the dog puked in the living room on the carpet. Lovely. Why do I even try to clean my house?

Our first attempt at naptime was a big fat fail.

I made lunch & dirtied up my kitchen once again.

Second attempt at naptime. Success. So I thought. Tens woke up after only 45 minutes. Ugh. How do you moms with one baby/toddler handle it? Seriously? I didn’t get much done since I was watching/entertaining her. I did keep her busy for a short time with a snack, a fresh filled sippy cup and Mickey Mouse Club House.

photo (5)

Then Tillie woke up. Hallelujah. We’ll just skip the part where Tens is throwing dog food out of the dog bowl and Tillie unplugged my power cord from my laptop and had it in her mouth while I was trying to get Tens out of the dog food.

Now it’s time for dinner.

Anyway, around late afternoon/early evening something happens to me…pretty much every day. I’m not sure what is causing it but I am constantly dropping things or forgetting that I’ve started something or trying to put things where they don’t go. I trip over things, run into things, kick things with my feet. Seriously. Seriously?

Is this exhaustion? The fact that I feel overwhelmed at times? My thyroid is out of whack and causing me to go cray cray?

Or, is this normal for a mom…or maybe just a SAHM? Do these things happen to you?

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  1. ALL THE TIME. I usually do a few things before K gets up while Brayden eats breakfast, but by the time they are both up and dressed, it looks like a tornado hit my kitchen. So frustrating. No matter how often I pick up or clean, it still looks messy. It's not just you! :)


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