August 11, 2012

My Top 5 Pics of TnT

So we were a little late on our Multi Mommas post. Better late than never, right?

This week’s topic is 'Share Your Top 5 Pictures of Your Twins or Multiples. This one was hard for me since I’ve taken like 4000 pictures of the girls since they were born. I have them somewhat organized but I need to tidy up all the files a bit.

Ok, let’s get started.

Number 1

Proud Papa
This is by far my #1 pic. I wasn’t present for this moment but I’m so glad it was captured. I pretty much tear up every time I see it.


Number 2

1 Week old
This one is when we were finally able to bring Tillie home. Check out that little grin on her face. She was happy to finally be with her sissy. :) They were a week old here.


Number 3

12 days old
12 Days old. They got along so well here and were actually happy to be near each other. They were almost always touching somehow…even it it was with just a foot. Now? Not so much. :(


Number 4

4 Months
This is when TnT were 4 months old. This picture for some reason has always stuck out to me when I think about pictures taken of them.


Number 5

1 Year pic
This was from an impromptu photo shoot I decided to do one day shortly before their 1st birthday. Several of the pictures turned out so cute that I decided to get at least one on canvas to hang in our living room above the TV.

Be sure to head over to Multi Mommas and link up your Top 5 pics! We can’t wait to see all the cuties!

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Multi Mommas

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