July 25, 2012

Wahoo Wednesday

I look forward to these random posts each week but sometimes I am overwhelmed with the randomness in my head that I forget it all when I sit down to write!

Last week on Twitter, I asked for prayers for my dad who was having a bone marrow biopsy. Well yesterday, he had an appointment to find out the results and they were negative for cancer. Praise the Lord! Thank you to all that prayed for him.

My mom has started watching the girls once a week so that I can run errands. I am so thankful for this because I can get stuff done much faster not having to load and unload 2 baby toddlers all day.

This heat is killing us this summer with our electric bill. I think this is the first time IN. MY. LIFE. that I am ready to welcome Fall. I don’t mind the heat all that much but I am so not a fan of the enormous electric bills we get each month. We even decided to not open the pool this year to save money on the electric bill (running a pool pump can get pretty expensive). I don’t even want to know what it would be if we HAD opened the pool.

I still have the Mad Hatter tea party decorations up in the dining room. Just the ones on the ceiling and the chandelier. I’m getting close to taking them down. I’ll definitely have them down by Christmas. ;)
photo 1

Since the party, I have been dying to do some DIY, decorating and organization projects. I’ve pinned several things recently. That Pinterest, I tell you, is dangerous!

In the past week, I deep cleaned my kitchen and set up a message center in there. I have to take advantage of those random spurts of energy because they don’t happen very often.
photo (5)

I’m loving the stage the girls are at now. I plan to do a 1 year post on them very soon.
photo 2 photo (6)

I started logging on My Fitness Pal again. And I started yoga. I love how relaxed I feel after just a few poses. I have trouble with tightening in my hips and lower back (I have pregnancy & poor posture to thank for that) and yoga just does wonders for both.

Looking forward to the potential for rain tomorrow and Friday. Not looking forward to having to get out in it if it does (Tillie has PT on Thursday and both girls have their 1 year WCC on Friday).

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